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Praying Over the Springs

by Jessica Anthony


Last summer, our Chimney Point family camp parents had the unique opportunity of praying over the site of our newest youth camp, the Springs. After serving appetizers, our staff led a small prayer walk around the property and ended at the Dome so they could write Scripture and prayers on the walls.

The prayer walk had three main stops, and each focused on one of our core values.


Others-Focused: Cabins
We asked God first to provide the staff needed to run the camp. We prayed for unity amongst the staff, strong relationships within campers and staff, and the Bible studies that will take place in these cabins. We then prayed that there would be no empty beds, that we could have a camp full of campers to experience God in a unique way.


Seriously Fun: Lake and Sports Court
As campers walked by the lake and stopped on the sports court, we were able to show them some of the activities that will take place, and then prayed for safety and everything that entails across the board!


Christ-Centered: Auditorium and the Dome
Next, they stopped in the auditorium. Here they all sang the Doxology and praised God for the ministry that has already happened on this property and for the ministry that Pine Cove gets to continue as He provides.


At the Dome, we focused on how often the kids will be opening their Bible, how often they will hear the Gospel, the spiritual application through all of the things that we do, and how everything points to Christ. We explained Club and pointed out that the Dome is where that will happen.

We then gave them each a marker and asked them to write Scripture or prayers on the walls here.


We are so thankful for our family campers joining us in bathing our new property in prayer.  Please join us as we continue to pray for the many years of ministry to come!

If you’d like more information about the Springs, click here.


Posted Mar 2, 2022

Jessica Anthony

Former Staff

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