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Staff Favorites: Back-to-School Edition

by Jessica Anthony


Although the weather in Texas doesn’t show it, summer is officially over and the countdown to next summer is on (… it’s 283 days if you’re wondering)! We thought we’d give this back-to-school season a seriously fun twist by asking our staff their favorite way to kick off the school year and, as always, they get an A+ for their responses.

“I always buy new colored pens and a new planner so I can be organized for a new year!” — Meredith “Mama Bear” Ward, Bluffs Women’s Director

“My favorite back-to-school tradition was that we would always have a whole day of back-to-school shopping for our new school supplies, which of course included Precise V5 pens! Get them — they will change your life!” — Annelise “Smilin” Morrison, Silverado Associate Director

“My current favorite pens are the 0.5mm Sharpie Rollerball Pens, but Paper Mate Flair felt tip pens are my go-to’s. I’m pretty sure ‘office supplies’ is my sixth love language.” — Ashley “Banana Pudding” Upchurch, Recruiting and Staff Support Generalist

“My favorite back-to-school tradition was waiting until the Sunday before school starts to show my mom the supply list.” — Drake “OJ Drift” Carson, IT Support Analyst

“Our family always has ice cream for breakfast on the first morning of school.” — Jared “Shock” Schuler, Forge Director

“I always love getting Papermate mechanical pencils for new school/office supplies.” — Faith “Flora” Courville, Risk and Safety Coordinator

“My favorite thing to do before school growing up was to lay out all my new clothes and supplies and then literally stare at/admire them for hours.” — Remedy “Bo-V” Applegate, Ranch Women’s Director

“I loved getting new shoes at the beginning of each school year. I could always start and stop faster in those new shoes.” — Nick “Father Christmas” Wiggins, Director of Facilities

“My favorite office supply would have to be my 1-gallon fish tank, which is home to the fifth member of our full-time team, ‘Kayak’ the beta fish.” — Kolby “Mr. Pie” Friday, Silverado Men’s Director

Posted Aug 17, 2022

Jessica Anthony

Former Staff

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