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Staff Favorites: Bible Study Resources

by Jessica Anthony


We asked our full-time staff to share with you some of their favorite ways to study God’s Word, and they had lots of great suggestions! From apps and podcasts to printable reading plans and good old-fashioned hard-copy books, there is sure to be something that will grab your attention and help you dig deeper into Scripture this year! Take a look:

The BibleProject 

“I absolutely love the Bible Project’s Read the Bible in a Year plan. They send you an email each week with that week’s reading. The best part is that they have videos that go along with the reading, and the videos help me understand the culture, the context, the semantics, and the writing style of the scripture.” – Julianne “Rice Tripsies” Shivers 

“The BibleProject podcast is a deeper dive into biblical themes and theology that I really enjoy. I feel like the hosts Tim, Jon and Carissa are my actual friends! BibleProject is also releasing a new app that is hoping to help people study Scripture in a more in-depth way. I’m geeking about that as well!” – Conor “Flowstopper” Barry

“The Bible Project videos and printable resources are the best! When studying any book of the Bible, I routinely watch Bible Project videos to give me an overview of the timeline and theme of the book I am reading.” – Ashley “Banana Pudding” Upchurch

The Bible Recap

I’ve been loving the Bible Recap (reading plan and podcasts together). It goes chronologically through the Bible and has teaching paired with each reading day! Strongly recommend it!” – Annelise “Smilin” Morrison

“I’ve gone through the Bible Recap book by Tara-Leigh Cobble all this year and have loved it! She has a podcast that goes alongside it. It’s a one-year guide going chronologically through the Bible and is AWESOME!” – Ellie “Bluefish” Graziadei

Dwell App

“The Dwell app is AWESOME. It will group scripture with a similar theme, help you memorize verses, or just read straight scripture to you. There are all kinds of customizations available here.” – Luke “Thunder Up!” McGrath

The Kingdom New Testament by N.T. Wright

“This book reads more like a novel and it creates a different experience as I encounter the text. I find it especially interesting with the Gospels and Acts—but the Epistles also provide a different perspective that is helpful.” – Daniel “Gigabite” David

The Songs of Jesus Devotional by Timothy Keller

“This devotional book takes you through the whole book of Psalms, one or two verses at a time, with insights and prayers from Dr. Keller.” – Pat “MichelangeloPreston

Check out these additional resources as well:

Handbook to Prayer: Praying Scripture Back to God by Kenneth Boa 

Solid Joys App  by John Piper

Sonic Light Bible Study Notes by Dr. Thomas L. Constable

Christ Centered Exposition Commentaries


We hope these have been helpful! We will continue to pray that each of you will remain in God’s Word throughout the coming year!

Posted Jan 5, 2022

Jessica Anthony

Former Staff

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