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Staff Favorites: Camp Food Hacks

by Karissa Pitaniello


When you work at camp, you eat a lot of the same food over and over (10 weeks of fajita night? Sign us up!). This creates room to create some fun new ways to enjoy it! We rounded up our staffers’ favorite “food hacks” that they use to jazz up their camp meals… Bon Appétit!

It’s all about the sauce and salt! I would say you have to have two to three sauces in your arsenal—at least one dynamic hot sauce (like Yellowbird) and one dynamic dipping sauce (like Chick-fil-A). The salt should be something like Tony C’s or Slap Yo Mama—something you can drizzle on eggs, pizza, or fries. If you’ve got those things, you will go far! – Conor “Flow” Barry, Ridge Camp Director

There is nothing quite like putting a hamburger patty in the middle of an a la carte grilled cheese and dipping it in the tomato soup at Chimney Point! – Michael “Deli” Miller, Chimney Point Men’s Director

You’ve got to turn taco night into burrito bowl night! Also, one hack I personally don’t do but see running rampant at Silverado is making a breakfast sammie out of the big breakfast morning. Biscuit, bacon, eggs, and potatoes if you’re feeling crazy (and hungry) all together! – Annelise “Smilin’” Morrison, Director of Silverado

I love turning everything into a bowl! I’ll throw lettuce, whatever chicken or beef we are having, and some sort of sauce or dressing on top! It just makes it a little more interesting! – Colin “Sneaky Pete” Post, Ridge Men’s Director

Always bring a bottle of hot sauce with you to camp! If spice is your thing… you just have to add it yourself! – Abby “Tater Squat” Muñoz, Associate Director of Development Communication

I would always get a little bit of my potatoes, sausage and eggs into one bite and put Cholula on it and it was SO yummy. – Faith “Flora” Courville, Risk and Safety Coordinator

Lots of staff will buy bottles of sauce/seasoning (Chick-fil-A sauce, Cholula, Tony’s season, etc.) and put it on everything! – JD “Rambus” Moore, Ranch Camp Director

Posted Apr 23, 2024

Karissa Pitaniello

Content Coordinator

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