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Staff Favorites: Pre-Camp Purchases

by Karissa Pitaniello


We have been preparing for camp by working hard and praying hard! We also wanted to know what our staffers are putting in their shopping carts as they prepare for camp to be here. Read along to find out what their favorite pre-camp purchases have been!

“I LOVE my small scrunchies! Easy on the hair and not too big, they’re the perfect go-to if I don’t have my claw clip!”
Bri “Moon Boots” Reed, Registrar 

“My precamp purchase is tinted sunscreen… specifically Tizo3! It’s the perfect product to protect my face from all that sunshine and acts as my “foundation,” because who has the time for a full makeup routine at camp?!”
Madeline “Snugs” James, Regional Camper Acquisition Manager

“I always celebrate the kick-off of summer with new shorts and new tennis shoes! This year I got some fun periwinkle Lulu shorts and a pair of Hokas with a little hot pink on them! It’s always vital to stock up on some Ilia sunscreen before those hot opening days! I’m also pumped to have “Liturgies for Hope” and “Chasing Vines” on my bookshelf as well! LET’S SUMMER!”
Annelise “Smilin’” Morrison, Director of Silverado 

“I love Patagonia baggy shorts! They’re so comfy and the patterns are fun!”
Faith “Flora” Courville, Risk and Safety Coordinator 

“I haven’t pulled the trigger, but these Nike Air Pegasus 83’s have been calling my name as a summer opening day shoe.”
Jesse “Joe Schmoe McScooterson” Garner, Senior Director of Engagement 

“A new summer means new Hokas (preferably some colorful Bondi 7s) and new khaki shorts (the most breathable kind you can find)!”
Karissa “Yikes” Pitaniello, Content Coordinator 

“My nieces will be experiencing the opening day gauntlet for the first time at family camp this summer, so I plan on stocking up on car paint, water blasters, and maybe an automatic bubble blower to make sure they’re fully equipped!”
Valerie “Ouch Potato” Morby, Social Media and Copy Manager

“I recently played Tenzi with a group of friends and now I want to get it myself. On Amazon, I found out that buying a 100-pack of dice is a better deal. This will be a great game to carry in my backpack and bring to play when everyone needs a break!”
Faith “Tumbledore” Banford, Media Specialist

“I will always go into summer making sure that I am nice and hydrated for opening days. This year I will proudly be hydrated by lemon lime electrolytes. They taste SO good, aren’t very salty, and keep me hydrated!”
Parker “Boomer” Shinsky, Communications Project Coordinator

Posted May 16, 2023

Karissa Pitaniello

Content Coordinator

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