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Staff Favorites: Small Group Snacks

by Karissa Pitaniello


The best part of small groups is the chance to walk through life alongside other devoted believers. But… the snacks are usually pretty great too! Get ready to invite your people over after reading through our staff’s favorite small group snacks. 

My favorite snack to bring to small group is ice cream sandwiches! Just bake some cookies and when they are cooled, put a scoop of ice cream in the middle and cover them with tin foil, and then throw them in the freezer! The best part? You can switch up the cookie and ice cream depending on the season! – Abby “Tater Squat” Muñoz, Associate Director of Development Communication

When it comes to small group snack, I usually love to create a simple charcuterie! There are a variety of themes to choose from—traditional meat and cheese, desserts, popcorn and fixings, s’mores, etc. Give me a board and I will make it happen! – Dee “Hice-Cream Chase” Young, RN, Regional Nurse Manager

The answer is simple. There is no greater group snack on the planet than popcorn. But, what makes it even better is adding Bunch a’ Crunch, the classic movie snack to the bowl of popcorn. A little bit salty and a little bit sweet. Nothing beats it! – Colby “Slay” Rice, Outback Men’s Director

My go-to group snack is coffee punch and s’mores cookies! Coffee punch is similar to an affogato (gelato or ice cream topped with espresso) but all mixed together so it’s more liquidy and just so good! – Bri “Moon Boots” Reed, Registrar

A few snacks that staffers loved this summer during bible study was buffalo chicken dip, brookies (brownie and cookies combined), and sopapilla cheesecake! – JD “Rambus” Moore, Ranch Camp Director

When we do small groups in the summer we love making fruit pizzas! All it takes is some sugar cookies, fresh fruit and cream cheese icing! You also can’t go wrong with some “chip-cuterie”… a charcuterie board, but created only with chips and dips! You basically mix all different chips and dips together on a board! YUM! – Annelise “Smilin’” Morrison, Silverado Camp Director

We love walking tacos—yummy! If you try them, you will be blessed. They’re fun and quick, and a little heartier than a normal Bible Study snack. I also love “Connor Queso” with chips (it’s my wife’s special recipe). Sopapilla cheesecake is also a delicious favorite! – TJ “Philly” Connor, Executive Director of CTX

I love cookies, goldfish, strawberries, and dark chocolate! – Kaley “Cirque de So NEIGH” Bates, CTX Barn Manager

My favorite small group snack is specifically Ashley “Squawks” Boshell’s buffalo chicken dip. It’s the best! – Chloe “Risk It” McGrath, Towers Associate Director

Some of my favorites are popcorn, M&Ms, and gluten-free Oreos! – Avery “Queen Juice” Fink, Shores Women’s Director

I love Funfetti cookies and buffalo chicken dip! – Ellie “Lunar Toons” Buchanan, Ranch Associate Director 

I love eating gummies during small group! I even like to put my gummies in the fridge so that they are even more chewy and cold. – Faith “Flora” Courville, Risk and Safety Coordinator

No-bake cookies are the best for small group! They are seriously so easy and so yummy! It’s also so easy to make them gluten free by using gluten-free oats! I switch it up the recipe every time, but I’ve used this one and it’s pretty good! – Kay “Sugar Plum” Manley, Registrar

The southeast Pine Cove small group snacks were a HIT every week this past summer. The most memorable was Oreo cookie dip or cinnamon rolls, and always iced coffee! My favorite in-home friendly small group snack is chips with salsa and guacamole (YUM) paired with something sweet like apples and caramel dip or chocolate covered strawberries. That way I feel a little healthy throwing fruit in there. – Jacki “Winnie” Carter, Regional Camper Acquisition Manager


Posted Aug 29, 2023

Karissa Pitaniello

Content Coordinator

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