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Staff Favorites: Snack Combinations

by Jessica Anthony


We all know that Dr Pepper and Dibs have been the long-running camp snack shop go-to, but we decided to ask our staff what some of their other favorite combinations were—and now we can’t wait to try out a few new ones! Check out what they had to say.

“Our fam always rocks the Goldfish and Gatorade combo.”
– Austin “Homestar Runner” Langemeier, Silverado Director

“Sprite and Sour Skittles.”
– Ellie “Lunar Toons” Buchanan, Ranch Associate Director

“I get an ice cream sandwich and put Dibs around the edges.”
– Kyong “Heelys” Natali, City Team Legacy Site Director

“My personal favorite is an IBC with a Snickers bar, but I’ve seen tons of campers go for the Airhead Extremes with a Sprite.”
– JD “Ramses is the Bus” Moore, Ranch Director


We also asked them what they’d grab if they weren’t at camp, and had some awesome ideas for that, too!

“My all-time favorite snack would have to be a milkshake and french fries. It is sweet and salty and sooo good!”
– Dax “Keeps” McKee, Ridge Men’s Director

“I grab Blueberry Mini Wheats and a Minute Maid Apple Juice juice box. It’s an amazing mid-day snack.”
– Hamilton “Dreamland” Bromhead, IT Project Manager

“Strawberry popsicles with a coconut LaCroix! It’s summery, refreshing, and delicious when it’s 100 degrees outside! While they’re not in the camp store, maybe they should be!”
– Annelise “Smilin” Morrison, Silverado Associate Director

“For a late-night sweet snack, I’ll combine chocolate chips with small marshmallows. A lot of things pair with peanut butter, but perhaps pretzels dipped in peanut butter are my favorite.”
– Daniel “Gigabyte” David, Business Analyst

There you have it, folks! Maybe you’ve been inspired, disgusted, or even enlightened! We can’t wait to see what our campers come up with this summer! Oh, and did we mention Slushies are coming back?!

Posted May 5, 2022

Jessica Anthony

Former Staff

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