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Staff Favorites: Water Bottles

by Jessica Anthony


Staying hydrated at camp has always been key to keeping cool, but with triple-digit temperatures holding strong these days, having water on hand is more important than ever! We’ve asked our staff to share some of their favorite water bottles with you, and we can’t say we are surprised about which ones made the list. 


“The Stanley cup phenomenon is INVADING our camp. We love them, we cannot get away from them, and they are the greatest camp cup.”
—Miranda “Treat Yo Self” Lehman, Shores Associate Director


“The tried and true Hydroflask is a summer must! Always get one with a handle on the lid!”
—Annelise Morrison, Silverado Associate Director


“I’ve always loved my Hydroflask, but the new Simple Modern line might make me switch allegiances.”
—Courtney “Psych” Edmondson, Towers Director of Details

“I LOVE my Yeti water bottle!!!”
—Hannah “Splash” Terry, Timbers Administrative Director


“I’ve been a Nalgene bottle guy for at least 20 years.”
—Daniel “Gigabyte” David, HQ Business Analyst


“You don’t want to see my water bottle. It’s a little ridiculous, but it keeps me on track.”
—Dexter “Pikapoo!” Carter, Forge Men’s Director

Posted Jul 17, 2022

Jessica Anthony

Former Staff

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