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Staff Round Up: B-B-Q Brings

by Karissa Pitaniello


One unstated rule every American knows: never show up to a barbeque empty handed! Whether you’re headed over to your neighbor’s soon, or you just need fun ideas for dinner, our staffers have some delicious dishes up their sleeve for you to serve up!

“I would definitely make this dill pickle pasta salad! It has bacon, cheddar cheese, pickles, and a really creamy dressing. Seriously the perfect addition to any backyard barbecue or cookout!” –Valerie “Ouch Potato” Morby, Social Media and Copy Manager

“My go-to is a chili cheese burger that I started making several years ago. It has no actual chili on the burger, but the patty itself is chili flavored, then paired with Nacho Cheese and served on a Hawaiian Bun! I have also experimented with making a new thing I am calling ‘Buffa-lotes.’ It’s a spin on Elotes but made with Ranch and Buffalo Sauce and paired with either Feta or Blue Cheese Crumbles and Cilantro.” –Rob “Change Up” Harris, CPA Director of Accounting

I’M BRINGING THE JALAPENO POPPERS!!!!” –Landon “Rhymes” Fink, Towers Men’s Director

“Me personally—I’m bringing cute personalized cups for everyone, the decorations for the BBQ, and my dog Micah as the mascot.” –Miranda “Treat Yo Self” Lehman, Shores Associate Director

“DEVILED EGGS! My all-time BBQ guilty pleasure snack!” –Michael “Deli” Miller Chimney Point Men’s Director

“I am bringing buffalo chicken dip or ‘Connor queso!'” –TJ “Philly” Connor, Senior Director of Ministries – CTX, Crier Creek Camp Director

“TEXAS CAVIAR  (Black beans, corn, tomatoes, avocado, etc.) with Fritos scoops, of course!” –Julie “Meow Mix” Livesay

“I’m bringing watermelon with crushed mint!” –Abby “Tater Squat” Muñoz, Associate Director of Development Communication

“For a barbecue, I’d make orzo pasta salad with spinach and sundried tomato paired with olive oil, parsley, and lemon juice!” –Ashley “Banana Pudding” Upchurch, Recruiting and Staff Support Generalist

“MAC & CHEESE!” –Ellie “Lunar Toons” Buchanan, Ranch Associate Director

“I would bring deviled eggs and coleslaw!” –Dee “Hice-Cream Chase” Young, RN, Regional Nurse Manager

“I’m bringing a big ole box of Krispy Kreme donies.” –Caleb “Wheelin N Dealin” Carter, Springs Camp Director

“I’m bringing buffalo chicken ranch dip. Throw in some celery and tortilla chips to dip. It’s a good alternative for people who don’t like a lot of beef (like myself) or ‘classic’ sides like potato salad and coleslaw (also me).” –Kristen “Sherpy” Ray, Forge Women’s Director

“Fruit kabobs with fruit dip is always a hit!” –Annelise “Smilin” Morrison, Silverado Director 

“Cantaloupe and watermelon are always my BBQ go-to!! –Parker “Boomer Scooter” Shinsky, Communications Project Coordinator 


Posted Jul 18, 2023

Karissa Pitaniello

Content Coordinator

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