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Staff Trips 2024!

by Pine Cove


Our full-time program team cherishes each day of summer intentionally serving alongside the college summer staff… so much so that each year they make the effort to all reconnect on a mid-winter staff trip! This is a fruitful time to reminisce, look forward to the summer ahead, and as always, share lots of laughs! Our staff look forward to these trips so much they save up their own money during the year to go on them. From Six Flags to the Bahamas, our staffers made lasting memories together and got excited about the upcoming summer. Check out a little bit about what each team was up to, and see if you can spot any familiar faces in the photos below!


“We went to San Antonio after Winterfest! We had a small, intimate crew which was awesome. We took them to a Spurs game, had some great meals, and spent a day at Six Flags! We had a lot of laughs over games, and even some accidental throw-up stories after the roller coasters!” – Kate “Dingo” Blocker, Ridge Women’s Director 


“For our staff trip this year, we stayed at Silverado, which was a blast! We spent one day going into Houston, and one day hanging out around camp. One of the highlights was getting to go to a rooftop, heated, Texas-shaped lazy river! We also spent some time hanging out at a park, playing our annual flag football game, and having a bonfire with the Outback staff! It was such a restful few days getting to reflect on 2023 with our sweet camp community!” – Kylie “Bonsho” Witcher, Silverado Women’s Director

Springs and Chimney Point

“We had 50 combined Springs and Chimney Point staffers sail out of Jacksonville, Florida for a four-night cruise to the Bahamas! We danced, sang karaoke, putt putted, and soaked up the sun! We spent time in the Word together each morning reminding ourselves and each other of the simple Gospel. Each of us experienced how God can move in our life at camp, on our campuses, and even in the middle of the ocean on a ship! We left feeling unified as two camp teams, filled up by God, and maybe even a little sunburned! It was an awesome trip and we were thankful for the chance to be with staff with no agenda besides time together.” – Julia “Dovey” Sayles, Springs Women’s Director

“I think everyone’s favorite memory from the cruise was our first day in Freeport—we went to a little beach called Paradise Cove. We snorkeled and played beach volleyball all day, it was perfect!” – Caroline “Volly” Coon, Chimney Point Women’s Director 


“We went to Six Flags in Dallas with our staff, and it was perfect! The weather was awesome, we waited in zero lines, and everyone had a fabulous time.” – Remedy “Bo-V” Applegate, Ranch Women’s Director 

“Our time at Six Flags was awesome. I got to reconnect and spend time with the guy staffers and even watch the Lord answer prayers for some of the guys to conquer fears and be confident engaging with people they don’t know. It was also such a win that some of the new staffers and returning staffers got to start building a relationship. When we got home, some of the new guys were texting the group saying, ‘I know I just met you guys, but I am so grateful for you and cannot wait to serve alongside y’all this summer!’” – Josh “Flynn Slider” Green, Ranch Men’s Director

Pine Cove City

“We had 68 Pine Cove City staffers from all eight Texas-based teams, and 10 full-time staffers out to the Outback where we enjoyed a lot of sweet quality time. We played lots of pickleball and board games, and ate great food! We also were able to worship and study God’s word together, which was restful and rejuvenating. It was the perfect way to kick off 2024!” – Hannah “Ravenclogs” Young, Pine Cove City Frontier Site Director 

“The Southeast City teams got to spend a super sweet weekend at the beautiful Springs! Games were played, laughs were had, bowling was demolished. We spent time with the Lord and learned more about His character from some of our awesome Site Directors. Overall we had an awesome weekend where we got to catch up on what the Lord has done in our lives over the last semester!” – Sydney “Vibes” Batten, Pine Cove City Kayak Site Director


“The Bluffs team decided to take it easy after our New Years Conference and have some fun hangs in Tyler playing Murder in the Dark and watching the bowl games! On January 2nd we took a day trip to Six Flags and had the best time! We rode every ride, it was electric. After that we had some Piada and then went to Dave and Busters to continue the fun! We finished the night with even more games at the Bluffs.” – Liam “Butter” Moore, Bluffs Men’s Director 

Posted Jan 23, 2024

Pine Cove

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