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Staff Profile: Remedy “Bo-V” Applegate

by Karissa Pitaniello


Get to know the Ranch women’s director as she lets us in on the best spots in Tyler, what’s it like being an evil spaghetti noodle, and her upcoming podcast! 

Tell us about yourself!
I’m from Denton, Texas and I went to college at Dallas Baptist University. I graduated with a degree in Christian Studies in May of 2020. I loved my time there, and after college did the Forge and have been in Tyler since! I really love it here. I love my friends, I’m grateful that I have awesome community. I love to play and do silly stuff with my friends, but we also just enjoy going on a lot of walks, going to dinner—nothing crazy, but I love being with my friends. I also love my family so much. My family still lives in Denton, Texas, and so they’re not too far, so I like to go home every now and again and see them hang out with them!

How did you get to Pine Cove? What different roles have you held?
I never went to Pine Cove as a camper, but when I was in high school, my student ministry brought us to retreats here my junior and senior year at the Shores, and I loved it. Immediately. I was like, “I want to work here.” And then my youth pastor who took us, he actually was a Pine Cove staffer, and so he just encouraged me to apply once I got to college. I filled out my application the night applications opened, I was so excited. My first summer was 2018, and I was a second half counselor at the Ranch! Then I went back the next summer and was first half counselor, second half nanny for Mitch and Lindsey Hartt, which was awesome. Being a nanny was my favorite job at camp. Then my third summer, 2020, I was a senior counselor, and then I did the Forge after that. After the Forge, I went back as work crew director and the day after camp ended, my fourth summer, JD asked if I wanted to be the women’s director!


What’s your favorite skit character you’ve ever been?
I love being in skits, it’s so fun! One of my most memorable characters was from 2020. Ben Gasaway played this horrendous character called “Horseradish.” It was really scary. And I was his evil sidekick—the evil spaghetti noodle. I was in this tan morph suit with red clothes over it, and I just waved my arms in the air the whole time and said, “I’m a noodle,” in a creepy voice. It was definitely memorable!

What are your go-to Tyler spots?
I love the coffee shop called Likewise! I also live right outside the Azalea District, so walking through the brick streets is definitely a favorite of mine. I know so many people who live over there so I love waving at my neighbors or stopping and talking and going to Bergfeld Park. Tyler also has a fitness studio called HotWorx and I love being there, too! And then lastly would be a nice grocery store and cafe called Fresh. Fresh is so fun, and when the weather’s nice there’s always a band playing and you can sit outside at the grill. I love it! 

When you’re going on a long walk, what do you like to listen to?
This changes all the time for me. Sometimes I just like silence. I just need to be left alone, with no distractions to think and pray. But if not, I have a list of podcasts I listen to when I’m walking. Specifically, John Mark Comer has a podcast and there’s a series on spiritual disciplines that I’ve loved learning from. And if I’m not listening to a podcast or a silence, then I’ll just put on a random playlist. Since the weather’s getting warmer I’m loving country music these days. 

If you were to make a podcast, what would it be about?
I love listening to podcasts and I actually got a podcast microphone for my birthday! So I’m going to record at least one episode and we’ll see where that goes. I honestly have no clue what I would make my podcast about. I have spent so much time thinking about it. My newest idea is maybe having a podcast called “Things Nobody Asked For.” It gives me the space to talk about the most random thoughts and ideas that pop into my brain, which would be fun!

What’s your favorite thing to do with your roommates?
I love my roommates so much. We laugh all the time and think we’re the funniest people alive. We love to watch “Survivor.” We watch “Survivor” every week! We each choose a contestant at the first episode of the season who we think is going to win. Whoever picks the contestant that makes it the furthest wins. I won the last round and they took me to eat dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, which is so silly. But then other than that we are all in a “10,000 steps per day” challenge together, so we go on lots of walks. We like to eat dinners together—one of our favorite spots is Ming’s. It’s a Chinese fast food restaurant in town. They have the world’s best fried rice, and it’s the biggest serving in the world, so you can eat it for four days. So we love Ming’s, and for a while we were obsessed with Brahms, so we were going to Brahms every single night. My go-to order is the chocolate malt. We also all have season passes to Six Flags, so we go to Six Flags more than the average person, which is so silly.

Who at Pine cove stands out when you think about people you admire and why?
Right off the bat, Ellie Krejci. She’s one of my best friends, but I’ve also learned so much from her. At camp specifically—she became the woman’s director of the Ranch my third summer, so we’ve done a lot of life together. Sometimes I look at her life and the stage she’s in and think, “Okay, when I reach that next stage of my life, I want my life to look similar to Ellie’s.” Also JD, my director is, I’m biased, but he is the best director at Pine Cove. He’s such a phenomenal leader. There’s nothing that JD does that I wouldn’t also do. And I just look at him every day and I’m like, “Oh, you’re so good at that. I want to get just as good as that as you,” because he just emulates Jesus in everything that he does. And so those two, and then also Caleb Carter. He doesn’t work here anymore, but he was my director for three years, and he’s just more in tune with the Holy Spirit than any person that I’ve ever met. 

I look up to so many other people at Pine Cove also, but those are people that often make me stop and think, “How do I get to work on your team?”

What turned you into such a big Florida Gators fan?
This past fall, I made a list of things that I really wanted to get into, and football was one of those things! I realized that so many people in my life were constantly talking about footballI and I wanted to be able to join in. So I started paying more attention to it, but I didn’t really have anyone to root for. DBU doesn’t have a football team and no one in my family went to the same college that we’re all diehard fans of, so I decided to just choose a team! If I’m being completely honest, I was originally drawn to Florida because I like their colors blue and orange. But also, my grandparents lived in Florida most of my childhood, and so Florida was significant to me also. I watched a game of theirs and they ended up beating Tennessee, which I learned was a big deal. So I went full on being a Gators fan and followed them the rest of their season! They broke my heart but I’ll continue to follow next year. 

What’s the story behind your camp name?
My full camp name is “Future Fallers Of Bobtory.” It’s a play off of Future Farmers of America. In middle school I was in FFA and I did creed speaking—I would go to competitions and recite the FFA Creed, which is just so random. 

Then the “Fallers” part of my name comes from a story from my freshman year of college. I was riding the shuttle to class one day and I was running super late, and I fell out of the shuttle from the very top step. Instead of stepping down the steps, I just went straight down to the concrete. My knees were bleeding through my jeans instantly, but I turned around and looked at the shuttle driver, told him I was fine, and ran off to class. So many people who I didn’t know saw me throughout the day and would say, “I saw your fall earlier. Are you okay?” 

Then “Bobtory”–I was a freshman in high school in the student section at a football game, and we were doing what’s called the “battle cry,” where we scream “V-I-C-T-O-R-Y. That’s our freshmen battle cry,” and then every grade does it. Then we all do it together, we’re supposed to scream “V-I-C-T-O-R-Y. That’s our Bobcat bottle cry.” Somehow I was the only freshman to stand up and do it. Nobody else screamed anything at all and nobody joined in once I started! So I got really nervous and instead of spelling out victory, I started to spell bobcats. And so I spell “B-O-B”, and then I realize it so I switch start spelling victory. So B-O-B-T-O-R-Y. It was pretty crazy, people were tweeting about it which was a big deal at the time. 

Put all of that together and you get “Future Fallers Of Bobtory!”

What are some of your favorite things right now?
I would say I’m starting to get more into reading, and I have been obsessed with anything that John Mark Comer writes. So I read “Garden City” by him, and it blew my mind, and now I’m reading “God Has A Name.” Also, this is really random, but I’ve really been into chips recently. I love Doritos, especially their sweet and spicy chips that come in the purple bag. I just recently got a new pair of tennis shoes, the OnCloud cloud monsters, and I’ve been wearing them every day. Even if I’m wearing a cuter outfit, I’ll find a way to wear my OnClouds—I can’t stop. They’re so comfortable. And I’m loving the color red right now so everything’s red in my life.

What is the Lord teaching you right now?
The Lord has been teaching me about His care for me specifically. I’ve been on this journey over the past couple months of focusing on really listening to God, and that has a lot to do with just prayer and conversing with Him in general. He has a purpose for my day to day, and I’m not going to really know what it is unless I ask Him. So I’ve been really trying to, every day, faithfully ask the Lord, “What do you want me to do alongside you?” And then I try to listen to what He has to tell me. 

If I don’t know what to pray for, I can ask God what to pray for, and He will tell me. And if I don’t know what to do in a situation, I can ask and He can make it really clear to me. It’s been bringing so much comfort to my heart knowing I have a Father who actually cares about me and who is not only listening to me, but who is also responding to me. And when I’m really attentive to actively listening to Him, He will comfort me and He will bring me peace and He will give me direction. He’s wanting to walk alongside me and converse with me in the way that I want to converse with my friends or the people in my life that I love. I’ve found a lot of comfort in talking consistently and actively listening to God’s voice in my life.

Posted Feb 14, 2024

Karissa Pitaniello

Content Coordinator

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