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Stories from Commission Camping

by Chelsea Connor


We have 78 Pine Cove staff members doing camp ministry throughout Latin America this week, and there are some awesome stories to share! One of our favorite things is keeping up with each mission trip through their blogs, and you can follow along too! Here are some excerpts of the fun and life-change happening in five different countries right now!

Bluffs/Woods in El Salvador


“Today was our first full day of camp and it was filled to the brim! The campers and counselors all want to take full advantage of the sunlight so we started with an early breakfast at 7:00 this morning. After breakfast we had a camp wide worship session- a couple of our American staffers mentioned in our nightly meeting that it was the best part of the day because of the picture it gives of every tribe and tongue worshipping God like John talks about in Revelation!”

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Crier Creek/City Team J in Guatemala


“This afternoon was pretty special. We spent some time worshipping in English and Spanish with the Guatemalans and then Mario shared a devotional. He even translated for himself! It was so sweet to get to worship together and a neat opportunity to build unity and re-center our focus on the Lord.”

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Outback/City Team E in Panama


“Good news! The kids have LOVED the activity classes! We brought in an Outback classic, Trilogy, and it was a huge hit! Frisbees were everywhere, the music was loud and the kids were running circles around us! We also had a makeshift gaga ball pit and it was so fun seeing them pick up one of our favorite games! Although it has rained, that hasn’t stopped us from playing soccer! The kids are kicking our butts!”

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Ranch/ City Team A in Costa Rica


“Finally, the best thing happened…DANCE PARTY!! We broke out the bluetooth speaker and taught our Costa Rican staff a ton of our Pine Cove dances – which they loved! Then they returned the favor by teaching us some Costa Rican dances as well! We were having a blast and thinking it couldn’t get any better UNTIL they offered to teach us how to dance Merengue!!! Now it was a real party. We all felt like honorary Ticos (that’s what the nationals call themselves here).”

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Silverado/City Team B in Paraguay


“I have learned so so much in these short few days we’ve been here. I’ve taken 6 years of Spanish and am able to understand a lot of what the kids are learning. My favorite thing has been to listen to them read from their Bibles in Spanish and to follow along in my own.”

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Posted Jan 9, 2018

Chelsea Connor

Former Staff

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