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The Hub Gets a New Office

by Pine Cove


You might be asking yourself, “Self? What’s a ‘Hub?’”

Excellent question. The Hub is the office of Pine Cove’s headquarters, known in the past as “the Main Office.”

So, who works at the Hub? Everyone in the Hub works hard to serve all of our camp regions. Some of the people in the Hub include our accounting department, the CEO, some of our registrars, web developers, and more. Hub employees focus on keeping Pine Cove as a whole running smoothly in a Christ-centered and others-focused way, but a lot of what they do is behind the scenes.

Our staff specific to camps in East Texas (camp directors, housekeepers, retreats staff, maintenance staff, etc.) have vastly outgrown their office space, and need to take over the current Hub building. Also, as Pine Cove continues to expand into more regions, it’s important for the Hub to be able to serve each region with excellence. We are calling this process “Regionalization.”

The Hub is moving into the actual city of Tyler in early 2018, and they have bought an old office building to soon call home. The office was pretty run-down and old-fashioned when we found it, but the location was perfect. Plus, since Chip and Joanna said they could fix it up for us, it was a no brainer!


But it is true that we got the building for less than half of its listing price, we’ve had several generous donors cover a lot of the service fees to remodel the new office, and we did some of the demo work ourselves. After all, who doesn’t love a good demo day?!

insidethecove%2FOffice_Demo insidethecove%2FHub_Demo insidethecove%2FHub_Office_Reno

We are so excited for this new office, and we are hopeful and prayerful that we will be able to use it to specifically bless the community of Tyler since we are now physically closer to other businesses and organizations. Plus our East Texas staff cannot wait to move their computers out of cupboard-under-the-stairs-size offices. Amen.

Meanwhile, we can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s all finished! Of course, we’ll show you. We might even shoot a “Move! That! Bus!” video. (Well, maybe we won’t have a bus.) But possibly a dramatic Instagram video. And we will definitely have more updates in Inside the Cove!

Join us in prayer for this new office building, for our impact on the city of Tyler, and for both our Hub and East Texas staffs as they walk through a lot of change and regionalization in the coming months!

Posted Nov 7, 2017

Pine Cove

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