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The Ministry of Work Crews

by Pine Cove


At Pine Cove, there’s no way we could do everything for our guests alone. That’s why we rely on weekend volunteers called Work Crews! (If you’ve been here during the summer, you know we also have Work Crews in the summer, mostly from a rotation of counselors, and our staff love getting to serve campers behind the scenes.)

During retreat season, these amazing and hard-working Work Crews do everything from prepping meals and cleaning dishes to setting up for theme nights and completing camp projects. We’re always looking for new groups to come help out at camp during the fall and spring! Plus, it is a great way to have a free retreat at Pine Cove with your group, all while serving together.

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Who can serve?

All kinds of groups can serve – families, scout troops, church groups, sports teams… etc. Do you have a group? Then you can serve on Work Crew! The only thing we ask is that everyone in your group is fourteen years or older. (Families bringing younger siblings can still come.)

What does Work Crew do?

Volunteers have a tremendous impact on the success of Pine Cove’s ministry through weekend service. Groups mainly help with meals and clean-up. Sometimes, they may complete a big project around camp.

In addition to serving, Work Crews are also sometimes given time for team building, relaxation, and fun. The best part? Pine Cove provides food and lodging free of charge.

When can I come?

Work Crews typically serve on weekends during retreat and conference season, which usually runs from September through April. The needs will vary by date and location.

What camps need Work Crews?

Work Crews are welcome at any of our nine camp locations in Central Texas or East Texas.


Serving as a volunteer Work Crew is a great way to strengthen your group and build team bonding. Learn more by watching this video, or email us directly at to sign up!

Posted Dec 4, 2017

Pine Cove

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