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The New Slick Track

by Pine Cove

High school campers consistently say they love coming back to Pine Cove for a few main things: to hang out with Pine Cove counselors, to unplug from technology and peer pressure back home, to grow in their relationship with Christ, and to have FUN.

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We added the slick track to our high school camps for summer 2017, and it turned out to be very fun. So fun in fact, that campers at the Shores and the Outback LOVED it. The super slick concrete allows the carts to actually “drift,” which makes the turns along the track even more exciting than the average go-kart track. Both guys and girls got to try out this unique activity class this summer. Campers called it THE activity class to go to, and it was a huge hit with the staff too! (Even our founder, Bill McKenzie went for a spin! Check out the video on our Facebook page.)

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We know kids are getting increasingly isolated in their lives, thanks to the constant connectivity and access of the internet and social media, so at camp we try even harder to break down walls as fast as possible. For a counselor, having an intentional conversation that goes below the surface is always the goal.

When we train our summer staff, we often say things like, “Shared experience builds trust,” and “Fun breaks down walls.” Everything we do at Pine Cove is ultra-intentional, and fun activities are no exception.


Every time Pine Cove builds another activity class or ropes course, we know this is about way more than just a taller zipline or a cool slick track. It’s the same heart behind dressing up in crazy theme night costumes and jumping up to do a crazy cheer. We know these experiences will help campers trust their counselors more, and lead to more opportunities for discipleship.

We are thankful for the ministry that happened at camp this past summer, and of course we’re also still reminiscing about the sweet rides we took around the slick track. We can’t wait for next summer, and neither can those upcoming Shores and Ridge campers!

Posted Nov 14, 2017

Pine Cove

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