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The Sixth Week

by Chelsea Connor

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Week 6 is almost at its end today, and it has flown! To catch up from last week, let’s review:

Remember last week when we had one epic adventure after another?

First, we created a coalition of work crew members assigned the daunting task of painting the whole entire Rock, and they had to endure crazy-long hours of super tall ladders and confused comments about that white-ish color. At least there were plenty of quiet moments to be had…

Then the lunch skit all week was a full-on musical, starring some of our most talented staffers, with the entire 30-person work crew performing  a choreographed dancing conclusion on Friday!

Oh, and we celebrated our nation’s independence with a giant fireworks show, preceded by an outdoor club performance by our very own first half band on a stage lit up with twinkling lights! It was awesome!

By the time we said goodbye to all the first halfers on Saturday, it felt complete. Sad to see everyone go, but it has been a smooth transition as those working full summer benefited from the new energy brought in by fresh-faced second half staff. All of the staff this week have stepped up to the challenge with already hoarse voices and cool [cool] creative cabin cheers! The campers have been having a blast, despite the many sightings of “liquid sunshine” this week.

Mild temperatures, smiling faces, and a mud pit full of “buffalo” to come. Quite a week!

As we pray expectantly for the rest of the summer here, we are praying for the Lord to reveal Himself in big ways. He is so good, strong, and loving. It is such a joy to see the way He chooses to work in and through us.

Posted Jul 12, 2012

Chelsea Connor

Former Staff

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