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Training Week 2023

by Pine Cove


Camp is almost here, which means staffers are all over Pine Cove property! Summer staffers with specialized positions come early to camp to learn role-specific skills. We call this training week! Also happening during training week: trailblazing! Staffers have been working hard preparing each camp for campers to enjoy. Enjoy these glimpses into all the fun this week has to offer!

Training week at the Ranch has been awesome! Our staff is hardworking and our property is in great shape! Our ropes, lifeguards, health assistants, media team, wranglers, chaos crew, and retail girls are feeling equipped and ready for the summer! We are so thankful! We’re sad to see training week come to an end because it’s been an awesome one, but we’re so excited for Orientation with the rest of our people to be on property! – Remedy “Bo-V” Applegate, Ranch Women’s Director

Training week has been amazing! We’ve had people get certified as wranglers, lifeguards, ropes, cooks, health assistants, retail, and more! Our trailblazers have been knocking out projects all over camp. We’ve painted a few Gaga Ball pits, pressure washed surfaces, set up for camp, and done a bunch of deep cleaning! Most of all, we have been thankful to finally get to be together as a team. The Lord has blessed us with incredible college staff, and we are thankful for every day we get with them. We are so expectant for how the Lord will work in and through us this summer at Silverado! – Kylie “Bonsho” Witcher, Silverado Women’s Director

Training week was a major success at the Bluffs. The majority of our staff were here getting trained on all things media, the ropes course, at the pool, in the health center, and on the boats! Everyone finished training and passed their tests too! We are just so happy to have staff here—they truly make everything better and our jobs that much more fun! – Meredith “Mama Bear” Clemmons, Bluffs Women’s Director 

Training week at the Timbers was a blast! We have several new awesome activity classes this year, which is exciting to see being installed! We played a lot of name games, got ropes and lifeguard certified, and knocked out a ton of projects! – Claire “Kettle” Wickersham, Timbers Women’s Director


We’re so thankful for all of the staff who have been working so joyfully already. Next stop: Orientation!

Posted May 24, 2023

Pine Cove

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