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Training Week 2024!

by Karissa Pitaniello


As opening day approaches, each Pine Cove property is buzzing with excitement and activity! Our amazing summer staffers have been all over the campgrounds, gearing up for the season with our annual training week. This is when our staff dive into learning the ins and outs of their specific positions. Whether they’re lifeguards, wranglers, media gurus, or high ropes experts—everyone is busy mastering their craft.

In addition to their role-specific training, staffers have been trailblazing—both literally and figuratively! From clearing paths for mountain biking to setting up the blob, each staffer is hard at work ensuring that camp is in tip-top shape and that every activity is ready to go! Create all the theme night decorations and banners? Check. Repaint anything and everything around camp? Check. Deep clean the kitchen drains? Check.

In between working hard, hundreds of staffers are also receiving their very own camp name! Embarrassing stories and unique hobbies are being shared through the Name Game so our staffers can come up with some hilariously clever names. Stay tuned for some of our favorites! 

Potentially the most tiring job of all? Petting the newest additions to our Pine Cove family—the new puppies! Campers at Silverado, the Springs, and the Towers will get to spend one of their activity classes teaching these pups new tricks and making sure each of their bellies get a good rub.

Staffers are working tirelessly, but you know we always make room for some serious fun! This week is a special time for staffers that come from all over to become potential life long friends. This is kick-started by a competitive round of pickleball, or maybe praying for the summer together on the dock. 

We are so encouraged by our staffers’ unmatched joy as they work together to prepare for camp. Join us in continuing to cover each of them in prayer as the summer kicks off!

Posted May 22, 2024

Karissa Pitaniello

Content Coordinator

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