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Wakeboarding Without a Boat

by Matt Murphy

Camper wakeboarding with a boat

True or false.

1. Wakeboarding is awesome… TRUE.

2. If you don’t have a boat to pull you, then you are out of luck… FALSE!

Last summer, we installed our very own Wake Park at Pine Cove, shared between campers at Crier Creek and Outback, and it was a huge hit! Campers can grab a lifejacket, buckle into a wakeboard, grab the rope and GO, sailing across the water attempting 360’s and frontside rolls or just enjoying the ride.

HOW does it work, you ask? Campers are pulled along by a cable system that is run between two poles, allowing campers to wakeboard with no boat in front of them. Talk about awesome.

Here’s the cool part. We decided that the Wake Park was so cool, that we had to have one in Tyler as well! Starting this coming summer, Timbers (8th and 9th graders) and Ranch (7th graders) campers will get to experience the Wake Park as well, as we are building one on the Timbers/Ranch lake!

Check out this video of four-time World champion wakeboarder, Shaun Murray, who came to Pine Cove Crier Creek to try out the Wake Park last summer. He put on an incredible show for our family campers.

Posted Apr 22, 2013

Matt Murphy

Former Ranch Director

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