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2023 Bible Study Preview

by Pine Cove


We are FIRED UP about having some serious fun this summer at Pine Cove! But more than anything, we are eager to learn more about the Lord together through His Word! Some of the best memories at camp are made in small circles: cabin mates sitting together digging into their Bibles. Here is a preview of what each camp will be learning about this summer! 

This summer at the Towers, your kids will be studying Psalm 23 and the way the Lord is our shepherd and protector! Each day they will focus on a different “P” from the text, helping them to understand how the Shepherd offers us Provision, Purpose, Presence, Protection, and Peace. Our hope is that campers will be drawn to the intentional care and trustworthy power of the Shepherd and desire to follow Him!

We are constantly bombarded with voices that are competing to tell us who we are and what we should do. Parents, teachers, social media, friends, advertisements, and ourselves. With so many voices saying so many things, it can make us question who is right and what is true about ourselves. This summer, we are going to tackle five of the most common questions middle schoolers have about their identity: Am I good? Am I loved? Am I enough? Am I worthy? Am I useful?

This year’s Bible study at the Timbers is over Psalm 107 which focuses on the steadfast love of the Lord. Do you know what it means to be steadfast? It basically means to be firm or unchanging. When we see that the love of the Lord is steadfast, it means it will be constant and steady! God’s love is the strongest love in all of creation, and a love that we can rely on with our very lives. Why? Because He loves us. That steadfast love is poured out for you and for me. In this chapter, the folks of Israel are called to give thanks for the ways God delivered them from trouble. It is a song of celebration!

This summer’s theme at the Shores is DWELL, which teaches campers how to live WITH God. What we will see is that it is NOT about our performance for God. Instead, it is ALL about our position with God. We are now the dwelling place of God! And He is really excited to be WITH you today, this week, and forever. DWELL simply means that we get to do life with God. Our heart and hope is for you to see a better way—the true way—to do life with Jesus every day. It’s not just possible—it is the point of it all.

In John 15, Jesus teaches us how to live our lives deeply connected to Him. We will be walking through this chapter all week, talking about what it looks like to abide in Christ. He gives us a new identity, teaches us how to walk in His way, and loves us as a Father loves their child. We will see that a life with Christ is a life full of joy!

This year we will look at Bible stories that show us that God is with us. He is with us in the good times and in the bad times. He does not leave us and He is always there for us. When we believe that He is there, we have peace, happiness, comfort, and courage. He is with us on our best days and our worst days. That is good news! 

The 2023 Ridge Bible study will focus on how we as followers of Jesus are called to be a ‘Committed Community’ — committed to Jesus as our King and to each other as a family. We’ll specifically be diving into how Jesus calls us to be a Christlike Community, an Authentic Community, a Contributing Community, and a Content Community. Our hope is that high schoolers (and even us as a staff) would be challenged and transformed by Jesus’ call to community in the midst of an ever-growing individualistic and technologically-isolating culture!

In movies, the original score is music that was created to illustrate the feeling and atmosphere of that specific story. If Heaven was a movie, what music would they put in the background? This summer, we are learning from God’s Word that the atmosphere of Heaven, though largely removed from the Earth through sin, was brought back to Earth by Jesus the Savior. As citizens of Heaven who live on Earth, how can we start to hear this “music” played in our heads, hearts, homes, neighborhoods, schools? Let’s press play and hear the sound of Heaven, God’s Original Score, playing in our lives!

Whether we know it, recognize it, or admit it, we all trust in things! We trust that our legs will hold up the weight of our bodies each time we take a step. We trust that the water is working when we turn on the faucet for a drink of water, and we trust our bike chain will work when we pedal hard hoping to move forward. Every day we trust that certain things will happen or won’t happen, and that trust helps us make decisions all day long concerning just about everything! Having trust or confidence in things and people informs the decisions we make and the actions we take. This week we are going to learn all about biblical faith, including what having faith in Jesus means, why it’s important, and a whole lot more. Since we all put our trust or faith in something, let’s learn about the ULTIMATE thing for us to have faith in. Let’s go!

Family Camp
The theme for this summer is TRUTH, based on John 17:17, which says, “Sanctify them in the truth, Your word is truth.” We all love a good story, whether we read it in a book or watch it in a movie. How much more of an impact does it have on us when we realize the beloved story is actually true? Well, this is exactly what we have before us in God’s word. His story, His spoken word, His TRUTH. In a world struggling to know who or what they can trust, we believe there is still a reliable, trustworthy, valuable truth found in the Word of God. Let us fight to stop changing the TRUTH and instead let the TRUTH keep changing us.

Posted Apr 24, 2023

Pine Cove

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