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2023 Christmas Camp Names!

by Karissa Pitaniello


Some of our staffers must be extra excited for Christmas… because their names are all about the holiday season! Check out this holly-arious list of names as you enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.

Sing it if you know it!

All I Want 4 Rizzmas is Fruit
My all time favorite scent is sugar cookie because it reminds me of Christmas. I LOVE fruit and eat it with everything (I even eat grapes with my Mexican food!). And “Rizz” comes from when I was trying to describe the Onceler (from Dr. Suess’ The Lorax) and I couldn’t think of words, so I kept saying the Rizzler/Rizz King.

Five Golden Girls
I have ten siblings, and I went through their names and ages super fast, and it sounded like the song “Twelve Days of Christmas.” I love Christmas (you sing my name like “five golden rings”), and my favorite show is the Golden Girls.

Stocking Around The Chickmas Tree
I was asked my favorite holiday, and I responded Christmas. The next question was what was my favorite Christmas song. It was “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.” I was asked if I had any red flags in middle school, and I talked about wearing Nike elite socks. This is the “stocking” part of the name. Chick comes from my love of Chick-fil-A and an odd first date story.

All I Want 4 Kissmas is Teeth
I got my name by telling a story about kissing a guy and breaking my front teeth on his teeth. 

Christmas classics!

Frosty The Towman
In the beginning of May, I got frostbite playing ice cream Olympics with Wyld Life, hence the “Frosty” part of my name. I got in three car accidents within the first year of getting my driver’s license, including one where I totaled my car, and it got towed away. The “Tow” part of my name is a way to pull that story in.

“Elfangelist” is “elf” and ”evangelist” in one word. It comes from the story of my older sister telling me when I was a kid that, since I had big ears, I was an elf from the North Pole. She said I was bad at making toys, so Santa shipped me down to my parents, and they adopted me. The evangelist part comes from a video I made as a kid sharing the Gospel. I stole my parent’s video camera and made a whole production.

Tour De Grinch
I did competitive cycling in high school and love watching the Tour de France. I sang “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” my senior year of high school, and during the name game, put the two together to get Tour de Grinch.

The NutQuacker
I was in a ballet with my younger sisters, and there is a ballet called the Nutcracker. Then they asked if I liked ducks or if I had any stories about ducks. I don’t think I even told a story on stage about ducks, but I tell campers different stories.

Sugar Plum Toothberry
One of my friends knocked one of my teeth out by accidentally kneeing me in the face. I am a ballet dancer, and the Sugar Plum fairy is a character in the ballet called the Nutcracker. Plus, my favorite berry is a strawberry.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Boko I Gotta Snow
My name is based on the phrase “Oh no, I gotta go!” One time I was on a date, and the boy I was with had diarrhea the entire time. The “Boko” part comes from my college’s mascot. I said I liked snow, so they threw that onto the end.

Snobi-Wan KeBrobi
I love Star Wars, so they started with “Obi-wan Kenobi.” I am in BYX at the University of Arkansas, so they added “Bro.” And for the “Snow” part, my friends and I posted a TikTok of us dropping an eighty-pound snowball off a nine-story parking garage and it went viral.

Thneed to Freeze
My favorite Disney movie is “Frozen” and Olaf is my favorite character because he is so funny and silly. Needtobreathe is one of my favorite bands, and I like the movie “The Lorax!”

Posted Dec 5, 2023

Karissa Pitaniello

Content Coordinator

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