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2024 Program Staff Retreat Recap!

by Karissa Pitaniello


The full-time Pine Cove program staff recently enjoyed retreating together in Central Texas at the Ridge! This is always something they look forward to since they get to be reconnected with camp staff from every region! The team was encouraged by amazing speakers, spent quality time together, and were recharged to prepare for an amazing summer ahead! Get the inside scoop on some of our staffer’s favorite moments, and join us in covering the upcoming summer in prayer!

“Staff retreat was amazing and truly one of my favorite weeks of my job. The opportunity to learn from others in our organization, to connect with people around a table while sharing a meal or playing a board game, and to have time set apart to study God’s word and worship together was a gift from the Lord. One of my favorite parts was a time of reflection where we were grouped with other people in similar roles to evaluate and discuss the Lord’s faithfulness in our lives. I left that time filled with a greater appreciation and gratitude for the Lord and the women in that group. I left feeling energized and unified as a program team!” – Lindsey “Scrolls” Hindsman, Outback Administrative Director 

“I have a few different favorite moments from our retreat. I loved hearing from Halim Suh. He walked us through Hebrews in a way that opened my eyes to the depth of Jesus’s love for me. Not just on the cross, but NOW. I also felt a lot of inspiration to run hard in this season. After collaborating with camp teams and the global program team, I was reminded that we are not running after roster spots being filled, but working so that the KINGDOM would be filled. The Summer Training Orientation team put on such fun games throughout the week. We played and laughed a lot, everything was so creative. Overall, getting to see people I care about and love from other regions was a huge gift.” – Josh “Flynn Slider” Green, Ranch Men’s Director

“This year’s Summer Training Orientation Retreat was one of my favorites! For the past few years, we’ve taken time to share ‘golden nuggets’ from each camp and really seek to make each other better. It’s obvious that each camp team works really hard to ensure campers and staffers are cared for and pushed to Jesus in the summer! Not only did we get to idea swap for some time, but we were also poured into by Halim Suh. He is a previous Ranch staffer and he talked about Jesus’ current position as high priest who is continually praying on our behalf. That has been a comfort to me as we continue to lead and prep for summer!” – Annelise “Smilin’” Morrison, Silverado Director

“I LOVED hearing from Halim Suh! He reminded us that Jesus is constantly praying for us as we see in scripture in Hebrews! The best thing He does for us day to day is pray for us on our behalf to the Father. There was also a night where we all got to play on inflatables which was a blast! It just felt like we all got to be kids!” – Michael “Deli” Miller, Chimney Point Men’s Director

“My favorite part of staff retreat was honestly sitting down with my friends from different regions and playing board games late into the night! It was restful and fun to catch up with them and hear about their time in ministry. My biggest takeaway from the week was our speaker (Halim Suh) and his message on Hebrews 4:15-16! Recognizing that Jesus’s intercession for us is such a personal, constant prayer for ME absolutely wrecked me and reminded me of the power of prayer in my life. That by far was the biggest refresher to my soul.” – Caleb “Sink Or Swim” Howard, Timber’s Men’s Director

“Personally I have two favorite parts! First, Halim Suh brought a great word that was encouraging and a challenge as we move forward! Second, there is nothing better than getting together with everyone who does what you do and just getting to hang, hoop, and even play some Turkish. I always leave with joy getting to see other regions and spend time with them!” – Liam “Butter” Moore, Bluffs Men’s Director

“My favorite part of program staff retreat was connecting with friends from other regions! I’m so thankful for time with brothers and sisters who partner in ministry with us! Time together is always a gift!” – Kylie “Bonsho” Witcher, Silverado Women’s Director

Posted Mar 5, 2024

Karissa Pitaniello

Content Coordinator

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