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A Liturgy for Remembering Unity

by Elizabeth Moore


Throughout Scripture, the Lord calls us to remember. Remember what He’s done in our lives, and how He’s changed our hearts. We encourage you to take a few minutes to look back on your time at Pine Cove, to reflect on what God did in your heart, and to remember.

Oh Lord,
what a gift it has been to get away with You,
to give You my undivided attention,
to pause the rush of life,
and taste the sweetness of Your Sabbath rest. 

You have shown me that You are a God
of unity,
of wholeness,
and of full restoration.

Thank you for revealing this to me through Christ,
and for inviting me into deeper intimacy with You every day.
In light of Your pursuit of me,
help me strive toward oneness with my family,
and with those in the family of God.
Give me endurance and encouragement for this task,
so that I may contribute to cultures of compassion and humility wherever I go.

Oh Lord, it is easy to celebrate and enjoy these truths at camp
where I am undistracted by the challenges of life,
but You promise to help me,
and walk with me along every road and valley.
When I stray from Your presence,
may Your gentle, steadying hand
nudge me back home to You. 

Though I can’t take camp home with me,
and I leave behind theme nights and trail rides for another year,
remind me of the things I do take with me:
Your constant nearness,
Your overcoming power,
Your truthful Word,
Your unifying Spirit.

I may not know what comes next,
but I accept it,
for You are my strength and my song—
You have become my delight.

For the family to recite together: 

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
We want to love You with all of our hearts,
with all of our souls,
and with all of our strength.
Unite our hearts with Yours,
so that we may walk with You
all of our days.

As we return to normal life,
may we be like-minded and united in love,
practicing the same attitude as Christ.
May we have one voice to worship Your Name,
glorifying You, the God and Father of our Lord Jesus.
May we always remember Your presence,
so that every day can be an adventure with You.

Former Pine Cove staffer Elizabeth “Socks” Moore penned a full book of beautiful liturgies that debuted last year! Order your copy of “Liturgies for Hope: Sixty Prayers for the Highs, Lows, and Everything in Between” today! 

Posted Sep 11, 2023

Elizabeth Moore

Former Staff

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