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And We Love It!

by Chelsea Connor

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Though the words to the cheer are consistently allusive, even to the seasoned staff, there’s no question: Work Crew, we love it!

It’s the week where you get to hang out with Mister Biz himself, and Hiyaty! This is when stacking chairs and arranging tables becomes an art form, and the beavers of the camp rejoice. Every day brings its own unique challenge of three separate clean-up skits, plus an abundance of counting to 7, 8, and 9.

Being a counselor on work crew can be comparable to being a camper headed to mystery madness. Every assigned job is a surprise. You could be cutting cedar medallions, painting the Rock, finding the perfect chrome cone, or even gathering seas of trash bags from never ending cabin porches. One thing’s for sure though, you will be taking care of business. Except you won’t actually be Taking Care of Business.. that would be weird.

This week is unique in the staffing pattern, due to Pappy’s creative cabin assignments. Hiyaty is in a cabin this week, so Bee Friend Me is head chaos for Week 8! It seems now work crew is a family affair. What could be better? We also have a surplus of guy campers this week, even putting the guy crib in Trumpkin! (Yes, you read that correctly!)

That’s all okay though because remember, Life is Hard. But It’s Even Harder When It’s Comprised of Virtually Hunting Woodpeckers. (He’s the lone representative of male counselors on work crew this week. He deserved a shout out.)

Work crew often comes as a welcome emotional break from counseling a cabin, but the grueling service behind the scenes usually goes unnoticed and sometimes under-appreciated. Nothing more naturally displays a Philippians 2 lifestyle like serving on work crew for a week. Because of work crew’s service day in and day out, camp can function smoothly and efficiently. And then we can have moments like this:

Posted Jul 23, 2012

Chelsea Connor

Former Staff

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