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Camp At Your House

by Valerie Morby

Camp at your house

We are excited to announce a brand-new camping option for summer 2015: Camp At Your House!

Camp At Your House is a personalized camp experience that will take place right in families’ own homes. This new program will introduce a whole new level of Pine Cove by bringing camp right into your living room!

The idea is simple: load up a ton of camp activities and counselors and bring them to your house for an entire week of customized camp. We’ll set up Club in your living room, put on hilarious skits, and have a blast with inflatables right on your front lawn!

The new experience will include a camp counselor for each member of the family, a lifeguard, a certified high ropes instructor, a wrangler, and a full band. Families will be greeted at breakfast each morning with cheers followed by standing on chairs and singing songs from Disney’s “Frozen” as loud as possible. Pine Cove counselors will welcome you home each time you return by lining the sides of your driveway to cheer and jump to fully complete the camp experience!

Ordinarily, families come to Pine Cove for a week during the summer to get away from the distractions of their everyday lives. Now we have the opportunity to reverse that and do the exact opposite: bring the Pine Cove experience straight into families’ kitchens and living rooms! This program will allow Pine Cove to get in there and really amp up the crazy — almost like a camp exploded in your living room.

Planned activities include Octoball, laser tag, arts and crafts, and that thing from Pippi Longstocking where the kids strapped brushes to their feet and skated around in soap to mop the floors.

Following morning jump-a-thons in the inflatables and nature walks in the flower beds, campers will be encouraged to have the traditional time of “FOB” (Flat on Back) to rest and write letters to their parents and/or neighbors.

All that and more are included in Pine Cove’s new Camp At Your House program! Spaces are limited, so sign up soon, families! Click here for more information.

Posted Apr 1, 2015

Valerie Morby

Social Media and Copy Manager

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