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Construction Updates at the Woods

by Chelsea Connor


In case you missed the first announcement of the updates we are making at the Woods this year, you can read all about it in this blog post. To recap, the famous Azalea cabins at the Woods, originally built in 1968, have been overhauled, and they are looking amazing. (Old Azalea had 20 one-room cabins, now it will have 10 cabin suites, each with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Keep reading for where we put those other 10 cabins!)

blog%2FWoods_Azalea_Side_Construction-edit blog%2FWoods_Azalea_Front_Construction-edit

See that big porch off the left side of Azalea? It overlooks the Woods lake for such a great view! Inside, the sheetrock is going up, and we are about to start work on the landscape feature and retaining walls out in front. (Like all the landscaping at the Woods, we just know it will be fabulous!)


The camp offices, media offices, and the nursing station will be moved to the building behind the dining hall across from the zip line. This new building below will be only for Cove Kids and Wild Kids, and it just got its exterior painted. (Don’t you just love that pretty blue door?)

blog%2FWoodsCoveKids-edit blog%2FWoodsCoveKidsSide-edit

Speaking of blue, check out this cool new building, called Oak Grove! There will be another ten family cabin suites in this building (you found them!), with two bedrooms and two bathrooms in each. There is already sheetrock going up inside, which means all the cool interior furnishings are coming soon.

blog%2FIMG_9776-9 blog%2FWoods_Oak_Grove blog%2FWoods_Oak_Grove_Side

We can’t wait for these buildings to be completed, and to open them up for families this summer at the Woods!

Posted Mar 5, 2019

Chelsea Connor

Former Staff

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