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Favorite Camper Quotes So Far

by Anna Birch

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A week (or two!) of camp can be the catalyst for major life change in a camper. God uses everything from Bible study to songs at Club to activity classes and more to soften hearts. One of our favorite things is getting to hear from campers and parents about what they learned during their stay. Here are a few of the quotes that stick out so far this summer!

“I don’t need to see the path in the dark. I don’t need to see His goodness in the dark. I just need to remember all He has done for me.” – Crier Creek parent

“I decided to let God heal my wounds so I can use my scars to bring Him glory.” – Shores camper

“My family’s spiritual connection with God AND each other has been rebooted this week by God’s steadfast love. Pine Cove Chimney Point has blessed me as a wife and mother this week in ways I know will carry me all the way into next summer and I hope forever.” – Chimney Point parent

“I accepted Jesus into my heart a couple years ago and then I got baptized. I kind of felt like, after that, I had finished learning it all. Now I know, we never stop learning about Him, and He doesn’t stop loving us. The Gospel totally clicked with me.” – Ranch camper

“His forgiveness makes me want to forgive.” – Timbers camper

“I learned that Jesus loves us as His children no matter what we look like or where we come from.” – Silverado camper

“Your identity is not the list of mistakes you have made but what God says about you. No one can take that away.” – Timbers camper

“I desire Him more than anything now.” – Ridge camper

“I see my eight year old flourishing here, facing her fears and asking good/hard questions. We were also given the time as husband and wife to discuss our relationship with each other as well as our own personal faith journeys—being able to have a few breakthroughs during date night.” – Chimney Point parent

“Even though I was doubtful and angry with God for not healing my mom of cancer, He is real. He is really real.” – Timbers camper

“This week I learned a lot about my identity—I am not a caregiver, a single mom, and divorcee, but a daughter of the King.” – Woods parent

“It was so great to see our kids surrounded by love and the Gospel and light, trying new things, and being poured into in so many aspects. That has been the biggest gift to us as parents… a true picture of watching them come from darkness to light.” – Bluffs parent

“My son came home with a deeper understanding of the sacrifice that Jesus made to become fully human so that He could be the perfect sacrifice for our sins. He discussed the tearing of the veil and the darkening of the sky when Jesus died.” – Ranch parent

“I learned not to be anxious because God has a plan.” – Silverado camper

“When my daughter gets praise here, it’s life-giving for her; this environment of support and encouragement is completely different; it’s a safe place for her to feel like she can share.” – Bluffs parent

Posted Jul 2, 2020

Anna Birch

Former Staff

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