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Important 2023 Registration Dates

by Valerie Morby


We don’t like the idea of waving goodbye to Summer 2023. We DO love that we can now start stretching and preparing to jump up and down and welcome Summer 2024! Curious about when you can switch your camp sessions, sign up for Winterfest, or celebrate National Banana Split Day? (Yes, really!) We’ve got you covered. Keep reading to find out all the important—and delicious—dates waiting around the corner for you.

Pre-Registration Ends: August 15

You may be saying to yourself, “Self, I was automatically pre-registered for next summer! I don’t need to do anything else, right?” If that’s the case, you are correct! There’s nothing else you need to do! (What a relief!) But if you decided to hold off on saving your spot for Summer 2024, just be sure to do that before August 15th.

Start Switching Sessions: August 16

Want to hop from the week you’re currently registered for into a different one? You’ll be able to do this in your online account beginning on August 16th! As long as there’s enough available space, you’ll be good to go.

Family campers can begin switching sessions on August 15th.

Overnight Youth Camp Registration Opens: August 18

If you’re not pre-registered for Summer 2024, tell Alexa to remind you to sign up on August 18th! Not only will you have a better chance of getting a spot and not having to spend time on a waiting list, but the sooner you register for camp, the more spread out your payment plan can be! Who doesn’t love breaking up their payment plans into the smallest chunks possible? 

Sign up online or by calling us at 877-474-6326.

Begin Submitting Cabin Friend Requests: August 18

Coming to camp on your own is honestly a BLAST! Coming to camp with a friend is ALSO a blast, and if you’d like to make sure you’re in the same cabin as your buddy, you can submit that request in your online account on August 18th. Another fun thing you could do is come up with a secret handshake with your friend before y’all come to camp, but that is completely optional.

Winterfest Registration Opens: August 18

Grab your Santa hat and brush up on your gingerbread house-building skills—Winterfest will be here before you know it! Everyone’s favorite winter weekend at camp is coming up December 15th-17th at all eight of our youth camps, and we cannot wait. You can snag your spot starting August 18th—and we think the occasion also calls for a holiday soundtrack, so feel free to spin your favorite Christmas album that day as well!

Family Camp Registration Opens: August 24

Start stretching those phone-dialing fingers, families! If you’d like to try to snag one of the spots we have available for family camp next summer, you can start calling us at 8:30 am on Thursday, August 24. Here are three quick things to know before you do: 1) our phone lines will likely be pretty full, so please be patient! 2) Many of our Summer 2023 families have already signed up to come back next summer, so there is limited availability. 3) If #2 just made you nervous, don’t worry: many families each summer DO make it off the waiting list, so hang in there!

While family camp registrations can only be made over the phone, you can help make the process smoother by creating an account in our online registration system and adding all attendees before the 24th.

National Banana Split Day: August 25

Ice cream? Good. Banana? Good. Hot fudge, whipped cream, and cherry? Goooood. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate making your way through all of these crazy registration dates than with a delectable and decidedly over-the-top dessert. Bon appetit!

Pine Cove City Registration Opens: January 2024

Where are we heading on our next day camp road trip? Stay tuned… we’ll share our upcoming locations this fall, and then sign-ups will begin in January! Want us to send you a reminder when registration opens? Drop your email address here.

We hope that helps! If you have any other questions, check out our handy registration policies page or give us a call at 877-474-6326, Monday through Friday from 8:30am-5:30pm CST. Our friendly registrars are the best, and they’d be happy to talk with you!

Posted Jul 28, 2023

Valerie Morby

Social Media and Copy Manager

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