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City Open Registration Schedule

by Pine Cove


Thank you again for your patience as we worked through technical issues with our registration software provider. Starting on Monday January 29th, we will be staggering the opening registration time for our church locations. We believe spreading out our open times over three days will help ensure the best possible experience for parents as they […]

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Important 2023 Registration Dates

by Valerie Morby


We don’t like the idea of waving goodbye to Summer 2023. We DO love that we can now start stretching and preparing to jump up and down and welcome Summer 2024! Curious about when you can switch your camp sessions, sign up for Winterfest, or celebrate National Banana Split Day? (Yes, really!) We’ve got you […]

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Important 2022 Registration Dates

by Valerie Morby


It’s hard to believe Summer 2022 is almost over, but that means one very cool thing: now we can start planning for Summer 2023! There are a lot of super important registration dates and information to know, so we put them all in one place so it’s all easy to find. Bonus: we also included […]

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Important 2021 Registration Dates

by Valerie Morby


An article about dates might not be high on your list of things to read. But just hold on! Because for one thing, these dates have to do with CAMP. For another thing, we found a way to talk about peach pie. Plus it all ends with a funny video, so what are you waiting […]

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Important Registration Dates

by Valerie Morby

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You can’t spell “registration” without “gist,” so here’s the gist: there are a LOT of important dates coming up in the world of Pine Cove registration! Check them all out below. Start Switching Sessions: August 21  Did you already pre-register for a 2020 camp session? Fantastic! Want to swap to a different session instead? Let’s […]

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Camp in the City: Day Camp in Your Neighborhood!

by Hannah Carter

Camp in the city camper on bungee trampoline

Seven years ago when we started Camp in the City, we never would have imagined taking camp to 100 different locations all over the South. We have the coolest jobs ever! We get to partner with the best churches while providing an awesome camp experience for them and the people in their communities. Nearly 450 […]

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Important Camper Forms

by Lea Rittenhouse

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Here at Pine Cove, there are two things that are very important during the registration process. For starters, we want to make preparing for camp a smooth process, and second, we want to be as prepared as possible for your specific camper. To accomplish these priorities, we require that you complete three mandatory forms through […]

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