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Important Registration Dates

by Valerie Morby

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You can’t spell “registration” without “gist,” so here’s the gist: there are a LOT of important dates coming up in the world of Pine Cove registration! Check them all out below.

Start Switching Sessions: August 21 

Did you already pre-register for a 2020 camp session? Fantastic! Want to swap to a different session instead? Let’s do it! Beginning August 21st, you’ll be able to swap one overnight youth camp for another, as long as there’s availability. Just go online or give us a call at 877-474-6326 and we can make that switch happen!

Family campers can switch by calling us starting August 20th.

Overnight Youth Camp Registration Opens: August 23 

Circle this date in your calendar! Have Siri remind you! Are you okay with writing on the back of your hand in permanent marker? Because you definitely don’t want to forget that THIS is the day when registration for overnight youth camp opens to the public! Some sessions fill up fast, so don’t wait long to go online and claim your spot. 

Bonus: your future self will thank you for going ahead and jumping on an automatic payment plan NOW!


Cabin Mate Codes Available: August 23

If coming to camp is a gigantic bowl of ice cream, then coming with a friend is the cherry on top! Campers who would like to be in the same cabin as a buddy of theirs can do so by completing a cabin mate request, which will become available on August 23rd!

Winterfest Registration Opens: August 23

Is it getting cold now, or is it just us? It’s just us? And it’s actually 100 degrees outside? Cool. Maybe we’re just getting a little too excited about WINTERFEST! Everyone’s favorite winter weekend is back December 13-15, and we’ll be having a ho-ho-whole lot of fun. You can sign up your 1st-12th grade camper beginning August 23rd for a fun and freezy weekend they’ll never forget!

National Waffle Day: August 24

Whether homemade or frozen, one breakfast truth remains: everyone loves a waffle. Thankfully, August 24th is National Waffle Day, which gives us an extra-special reason to partake in this gift of a breakfast food! So grab some syrup and get ready to feast on those delicious little squares of perfection. 

Family Camp Registration Opens: August 29

Get your phone-dialing fingers ready, because registration for family camp will open on Thursday, August 29th. Only a small number of spaces are available, so if you or someone you know is hoping to sign up, give our staff a call at 877-474-6326 beginning at 8:30am CST. While family camp registrations can only be made over the phone, you can help make the process smoother by creating an account on our website and adding all attendees before the 29th.

Camp in the City Registration Opens: February 2020

We’ll announce the 2020 Camp in the City locations on our website in January, so stay tuned to hear where our teams will be bringing day camp next summer. Registration will open in February, and many locations tend to fill up quickly, so be sure to grab your spot early! Want us to send you an email reminder when registration opens? Sign up for one here

Still have questions? Check out our registration policies for tons of helpful information, or give us a call at 877-474-6326. One of our friendly registrars will be more than happy to talk with you anytime Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:30pm. We can’t wait to see everyone next summer!

Posted Aug 14, 2019

Valerie Morby

Social Media and Copy Manager

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