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March Madness Camp Names

by Karissa Pitaniello


March is finally here! This means vacations, sunny weather, Easter, and… March Madness! At Pine Cove, we’re all about friendly competitions, so March Madness is right up our alley. Take a look at these camp names from last summer as you write our your bracket! 

LeBarf Rains
“My most embarrassing story is from when I invited a guy I liked to one of my basketball games. I ended up playing really hard… to the point where I threw up on the court. My favorite basketball team is the Lakers, and my favorite player is LeBron James. I also love when it rains!” 

Chuy Hoopy
“My camp asked me what I would want as my last meal and I told them it would be anything from Chuy’s. My favorite meal from there is the ‘Chuy Gooey.’ I also love all things basketball, so they put that all together and named me ‘Chuy Hoopy.’”

Really Use A Swish Right Now
“I’m going to flight school, so my camp named me based off of a lyric in the song ‘Airplanes.’ I also loves basketball, so ‘wish’ was changed to ‘swish.’”

Hack A Shack
“I broke three (let’s count ‘em!) basketball records at my highschool! Also, my phone was unfortunately hacked freshman year. But, at least I got a good name out of it!”

Leaning Hoop Of Pizza
“‘Leaning Hoop’ comes from when I shattered my windshield by hitting my basketball hoop. I also love pizza!”

Granny Shot
“I play college basketball and previously made a TikTok of my grandma that went viral! Put that together and you get ‘Granny Shot!’”

I’m Ballin’ And I Can’t Get Up
“I used to play basketball, and I’ve face-planted on the court so many times!”

“I like to play basketball (LeBron) and I really love Braum’s ice cream!” 

Xtra Toasty Ballin With The Broskis
“My favorite snack is Extra Toasty Cheez-Its. I played basketball in high school, and I have four brothers!”

Koala Balla
“If I had to fight an Australian animal I would want to fight a koala, and I played basketball in high school!” 

Ultra Burger Ball
“My favorite pair of shoes are Ultra Boosts. ‘Burger’ comes from how I worked at In-N-Out during high school, and I love to play basketball!”

Posted Mar 5, 2024

Karissa Pitaniello

Content Coordinator

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