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More Funny Camp Names 2023

by Karissa Pitaniello


The party doesn’t stop at Pine Cove, and neither do the hilarious camp names! Each summer our staffers seem to get more and more creative as they get to know each other through the Name Game. Having a camp name is a Pine Cove tradition because it’s seriously fun (always!), and it allows campers to automatically get to know their counselors in a silly but intentional way. Scroll through to find some of your new favorites!

Names Based Off Characters/People:

Arnold Schwarzendange-oar
Dryan Gosling
Kevin Durcant Find My Painting
I’m Mary Pippins y’all
Himmy Neutron
Troy Swolton
Matthewww McCROCaughey
Passenger PrinCESS of Genovea
Forrest Pump
Spongefraud Squaredance
Trip and Joanna Stains
Stretch Farmstrong
Darth Vader, You’re Not My Dad
Judge Judy
Toasty MaGuire
Kermit the Bob
Cap-tan Ameri-couch
Bron Cena

Silly, But Stinky:

Squatty Potty
Porch Toilet
Stanko de Mayo & Fries
Irishing the Toots Away
Speak Now or 4ever Hold ur Poo
America’s Sweetfart
Blame it on a Thousand Toots
Tooting turtle terminator
Diva Hurl
Monkey Pee Monkey Brew
I Frew Up
Find Bathrooms Immediately

Movie & TV Names:

Pirates of the Cornibbean
Peter Pants
Returrrrrrrrrn of the Jedi
Tour Story
Sharkboy and Lava Hurl
Ratpunzel, Ratpunzel Let Down Your Hair
The Lil’ Bitty Weeping Mermaid
Bike to the Future
Friday Night Fights
Lightning McForklift
Phineas and Furball
Ramona & Sweet Baby Sneezus
Snorkelboy Impala Girl
Rizzard of Oz
Lightning McKing

Random Fun 

1 Fish 2 Fish Bye Fish No Fish
All My Gs Move In $ilence Like Lasagna
The 3 Legged Unicorn
Swamp Puppy
Teach Me How To Buc-ee
Boom Chicka Flip Flop
The Land of Mullets and Money
Cheese Sticks Feet Icks
Phantom Of The Pasta
Death By A Thousand Birds
Houston We Gotta Concussion

Posted Jul 4, 2023

Karissa Pitaniello

Content Coordinator

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