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New 2023 Camp Names We Love!

by Karissa Pitaniello


“NAME GAME, gimme that name, I want that name!” That’s the sound of a camp cheer we’ve been hearing all around camp for the past few weeks as new staffers were receiving their camp names! Each staffer since 1967 has received their own unique name. These names are always seriously fun, but also a great way for staffers to seek out intentionality and humility with their campers! 

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite names from this year’s round of name games for you to enjoy. Who knows—maybe you’ll meet a few of them this summer! 

Starting off, here are a few names with GREAT stories behind them that made us laugh!

  • This staffer insisted that a hot dog is NOT a sandwich, but actually a soft taco. He also told a story about how one day in kindergarten, he decided that he wanted to leave class—so he disappeared! The teachers heard the slam of a screen door to find him wandering on the highway! His name? Hotdog Houdini
  • She loves Chris Evans and the Captain America movies, especially “Captain America: Civil War.” During training week at camp, she was taking a nap in her top bunk and fell off of the bunk and onto the floor! Her name? Naptain America: Civil Floor
  • Her friends used to call her Uber Chicken because her last name is Ubercken. When she was little, she convinced a friend that her dad was the CEO of Uber. The name “Uberchicken” was too close to another name, so everyone yelled to add a space in the word. Her name? Uber Space Chicken
  • This staffer was asked if he could have anything come out of his belly button, what would it be, and he said cheese! He is also from Wisconsin and really loves cheese. His name? Belly Button Cheese Boy, of course!

Scroll down to check out even more names we know you’re going to love!


Sing-Along Names:

5 Golden Girls
Matcha Mango Do the Tango
All You Had to Do was Slay
She’s a Runner She’s a Tractor
Oh Slay Can You See
Copperhead Road
You Can’t Stop the Feet
Let’s Groove To-Sprite
SweetHomeAla Ba Ba Ba Banana
Frosty the Toeman
I Set Fire to the Plane
Check Yak or Toe
Fall my Flexes Live in Texas
Hey Siri Play Getaway Car
If Wheat Were a Movie
BoKNEEmian RhapZOOdy
At Last I See the Spike
Big Reputation
Shoulda Been an Owboy
Look What Chai Made Me Snooze
Goodness Gracious Gr8 Falls of Fire

Movie & TV Names:

Horton Hears a Hoo Ha Ha
Church Boy and Lava Girl
Snow Bike and the 7 Sisters
Over The Ledge
Pirate of the Chameleon
The Wizard of Socks
Fake Prince of Bel-tear
Mr. Congeniality
Arthur and the Slipmunks
Lightning McForklift
You’re a Rizard Harry
Nacho White & the Seven Irons
Kicking and Stretching
Gym Ratatouille
Skittle Home Alegrandma

Names to Make You Hungry:

Beans On Toast
Fries Before Dragonflies
The Red Pickle Ranger
Aggressive Obsession with Milk
Kickin Chicken Filet Mignon
Hamburger Hawwwk
Chicken Poodle Soup
The Great Pumpkin
Bacon, Egg, and Breeze
Oh Brickles My Pickles
I Love Broccoli Casserole 3000
HoKa-Chow Mein
Mama’s Spitghetti
H-E-B Thortilla Dawg
Carne Asuhhh-dude
Hotdog Houdini
Squiggly Wiggly Corn
In-n-Out Gerstenburger
I Eat Quesadillas 4 Breakfast
Cheesy Gordita Thro Up Lunch
Goat Cheese
Miss Scary Mac N Cheese
Great Meatballs of Backfire

Sweet Names:

Blue Made Me Drop My Croissant
Cinnamon Toes Crunch
Kit-Kat Patty Attack
Honey Judges of Oats
Whiffle House
Mint Knocklate Slip
GooGoo for Cocoa Puffs
Pizookie Protestor
No Fear Toaster Stroodles Here
Honey Nut Delirioos
Croak Croak Krispies
Sour Match Kids
Angry Bird Smoothie
Choco Brownie Extreme

Random Fun!

Tardy Pants
Guinea Pinch Popsicle
The Lord’s Buckaroos
10% Off at Michael’s
Ugh That’s A Big Baby
Hungry Hungry HIPAA
Brainz Gainz Choo Choo Trainz
The Dash Singing Crasher
Gran, Where’s my Gorilla Suit?
Du-ByeByeBye to my Pinky
Ifall Tower
Gigglesaurus Vex
Criss Cross Pineapple Sauce
Clumsy With a Chance of Artichoke


There were SO many hilariously clever names, we wish we could list them all! 

Posted May 30, 2023

Karissa Pitaniello

Content Coordinator

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