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Podcast Season 3, Episode 3

by Pine Cove


IT’S NOT ABOUT ME! We interview the Springs’ team about the Southeast’s newest establishment and how they’re gearing up for their first summer of camp! Hosts Taylor and Annelise ask themselves (“Self?”), “Are WE smarter than an elementary camper?” Craig “Dutch” Langemeier chats with Towers Director Andrew “Get Smart” Boshell about how to train staff to be others-focused inside and outside of camp! To wrap up our episode, Gracie “Hokolate Hip” Read shares why she became a counselor and how her faith has grown over two summers at the Ranch! 

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We’re so excited about our newest youth camp in Toccoa, Georgia! Incoming 4th through 8th graders at Pine Cove Springs can look forward to quality college role models, amazing activities – including both horses and boats! – and the Christ-centered foundation at the heart of our ministry. Start a new tradition today by signing up for the Springs. New overnight campers get a $250 discount with the code SPRINGS250 at signup. Learn more at pinecove dot com slash springs. That’s pinecove dot com slash springs.


Are you a family camp dad looking to reclaim your former high school sports glory days? Are you someone who is concerned about their ACL tearing…but not enough to keep you from competing in front of the entire camp? Do you love tennis but don’t want to run around that much? Do you love ping-pong but do want to run around a little more? 

Well Dads, get a handle on those love handles and grab the handle of… a Pickleball paddle! Here at Pine Cove, obscure games are all the rage—and the true king of the hill of obscure games is Pickleball. 

Whether you’re battling a camp director in the championship tournament of the week, or dominating your 5 year old child before dinner outside of the dining hall, Pickleball is sure to be your favorite sport that you play for only 6 days of the year.

Posted Apr 19, 2022

Pine Cove

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