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Project 319 Coffee

by Chelsea Connor


Your morning coffee just got even more awesome! Pine Cove partnered with a local coffee roaster in East Texas to bring you our very own blend of Project 319 coffee.

We’re currently selling this delicious coffee in our camp stores and online in our webstore. The best part? A portion from every bag of coffee sold goes directly to our Project 319 scholarship fund. That’s right—buy coffee, help send kids to camp!

We originally came up with the idea because we noticed how much coffee all of our camps were going through each summer. We serve coffee at family camp, for staff at youth camp, and we certainly go through plenty of cups of joe in our HQ office. We also knew the bulk coffee we had been buying wasn’t exactly the highest quality taste-wise, so our leaders started investigating to see how we could “bump the lamp” in the coffee department.


The Project 319 coffee finally came to fruition after a lot of staff taste tests (it’s a hard job, but someone had to do it), and now this specialty roast is available at all of our camps! The summer staff has definitely noticed a positive taste difference in their morning caffeine, and with all the daily jumping they do, it’s greatly appreciated!

Do yourself a favor and add some serious fun to your morning routine with our Project 319 coffee—and buy a few extras for your friends! 



Posted Jul 23, 2019

Chelsea Connor

Former Staff

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