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A Legacy of Generosity: The McKenzie Scholarship Fund

by Valerie Morby


If you spend enough time around Pine Cove—attending camp, reading copies of Transformed Magazine, or following us on social media—you will inevitably hear about the impact that God has made on countless campers’ lives through our scholarship program. Pine Cove has long been passionate about making sure no one is turned away from camp because […]

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Grace Upon Grace: The Sweeping Generosity of One East Texas Church

by Valerie Morby


Every child should get the opportunity to go to summer camp.  That was the constant refrain playing in the minds of Josh and Libby Black when they had the idea for their church, First Baptist Church of Longview, to host a week of Pine Cove City. That idea in itself is not so extraordinary; hundreds […]

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Scholarships for Hope

by Sarah Jane Souther


Pine Cove’s scholarship fund launched in January 2009 as a response to the financial crisis that had begun the previous year. The leadership team at Pine Cove recognized how important camp could be for families who were struggling—a beacon of hope in a time when their lives felt upended by hardships, financial and otherwise. The […]

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A Sticky Note Prayer

by Jenny Sowers Rutland


“It was so clear that God was implementing every single detail and answering every little prayer,” Mallory recalls as she tells her story of seeing God’s faithfulness at camp. “And during weeks one through nine, there were times of doubt, but I was still in continual prayer without even realizing it. All throughout those nine […]

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Ripple Effect: How Radical Generosity Changed the Course of One Family’s Life

by Elizabeth Moore


In the small community of Mount Vernon, Texas, Keith Williams grew up with one stoplight and a tumultuous childhood. “My family life was wheels off,” Keith says. “My dad was on the wrong side of everything—guns, violence, drugs, the whole bit.” When he was in eighth grade, Keith’s dad got into a physical altercation with […]

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Summer Staff Giving

by Anna Birch

girl staffers thumbs up

Every summer, we offer our summer staff the opportunity to give back part (or all!) of their paychecks to help get campers to camp. The money they give goes straight to Project 319, which helps with scholarships for kids and families who need some help offsetting the cost of camp. God clearly softened hearts and […]

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Project 319 Coffee

by Chelsea Connor


Your morning coffee just got even more awesome! Pine Cove partnered with a local coffee roaster in East Texas to bring you our very own blend of Project 319 coffee. We’re currently selling this delicious coffee in our camp stores and online in our webstore. The best part? A portion from every bag of coffee […]

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A Heart for Service

by Valerie Morby

Group of Pine Cove Shores campers

High schooler Ellis Sharpe sported a very special t-shirt at the Shores this summer. It didn’t feature the logo of a favorite college or sports team. It wasn’t something she purchased in a trendy store. Instead, Ellis’s shirt displayed the name of a special non-profit organization—one founded by Ellis herself. “I have always had a […]

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Blessing Our Military Families

by Susan Andreone

Military camper

When Darlene, a military wife and mom from Fort Hood, Texas, learned that her husband was going to be deployed this summer, she knew it was going to be hard. It was always a challenge to parent five little ones, but when her husband was away, it was especially difficult. She longed to plan a […]

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Donate Your “Stuff” to Send Kids to Camp

by Susan Andreone

Ranch Girls at Pine Cove

Did you know that your “stuff” can help minister to campers and spread the life-saving Truth of the Gospel? This “stuff” is not just old cell phones or laptops sitting around; but, if you have valuable jewelry you never wear, maybe a golf cart, unused gift cards, or perhaps a cow (yes, even a cow […]

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