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Staff Favorites: Packing Hacks

by Jessica Anthony


While it might be a little too early to actually start packing for camp, we thought it would be fun to share some of our staff’s favorite packing hacks. While some of these tips are camp-specific (hello, theme nights!), most of these can be used for every packing scenario.

“Our favorite trunk is only $30, fits everything, and holds up to all the wear and tear at camp! It is also easy and fun for the kids to decorate the outside with paint pens and the inside with fun pictures of friends and family!”
Christina “Poke N Oak” Deimund, Registration Team Lead

“Put each day’s outfits in labeled gallon Ziploc baggies, as well as one for each theme night outfit! This is a total game-changer—for the campers and counselors!”
Ellie “Lunar Toons” Buchanan, Ranch Women’s Director

“We keep bags of medicine and toiletries that are separate from our everyday-use ones. So when we go on a trip we just grab those and then when we get home from our trip everything is available and we don’t have to unpack right away.”
Austin “Homestar Runner” Langemeier, Silverado Director

“The night before leaving, make a checklist of everything you need to pack after you use it in the morning (toiletries, pillow, blanket, etc..) – that way, you won’t forget anything in the rush to get out the door.”
Dax “Keeps” McKee, Ridge Men’s Director

“I like to roll all of the same outfit together and stick it all in one ziplock bag.”
TJ “Philly” Connor, Senior Director of Ministries – CTX

“I always put my clothes in packing cubes and also have a separate bag for dirty laundry.”
Hannah “Splash” Terry, Timbers Administrative Director

Can’t wait to get started? Check out the official 2022 camp-specific packing lists here !

Posted Apr 19, 2022

Jessica Anthony

Former Staff

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