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The Most Wonderful Day of the Summer

by Chelsea Connor

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Let’s be honest, every day of camp is the “best day ever!”

Still, a few days stick out more than others. We celebrated our nation’s independence day with an outdoor club and an impressive fireworks show. We dropped red white and blue balloons from the ceiling in the Rock! The 4th of July brought very welcome festivities in the midst of the routine best program ever.

((It really is hard to make the best better, but we do what we can))

Wednesday was July 25. We don’t just cheer for everything at Pine Cove, we celebrate everything too. Birthdays, for example, are a really, really big deal. Christmas in July? Yeah. We went big.

The Rock was decorated with so many Christmas lights it almost broke the camera when we tried to take pictures of it. Christmas lights, Christmas trees, Christmas ornaments, and random Christmas knick-nacks galore, it was all there. We played consistent holiday songs throughout the day, whether welcoming kids into lunch or during a meal, and even slipped in a little classic Amy Grant into the mix.

With enough fake snow and santa hats to actually make it [almost] feel like winter again, it was hard to even imagine a better surprise to come. But then, we have some stellar media staff. Plaidiator and Miscow somehow found time to re-write Twas the Night Before Christmas, assign every single staffer a line, film it, then add in the entire song of The Twelve Days of Christmas, have more staffers sing a line from that song, then put the whole thing into an amazing video- ready to show by lunch on Christmas Wednesday! Look for it soon on a Winterfest ad near you!

It was refreshing to celebrate Christmas this week. We love keeping campers on their toes, and creating even more opportunities for them to have fun, in order to break down walls and get to have more intentional conversations with kids that might not open up as easily.

After all, we only have six days with these kids. By the end of the week at camper share, countless guys and girls come forward to share that they learned to trust God this week. Many say that they learned Jesus is everything. He loves us with everything, and we can follow examples that have been set before us of risking everything for God. We love getting to see gospel transformation in the lives of people. That’s our whole motivation to make the best even better.

Posted Jul 27, 2012

Chelsea Connor

Former Staff

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