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Theme Night in a Box: Road Trip

by Andrew Eshbaugh

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Planning for that big spring break road trip? Well then, we have a Theme Night in a Box just for you! We can help you make sure that the long hours in the car are just as, if not more fun than, your actual destination. You may even feel like you’re back at camp! Here are some ways you can make your spring break road trip feel just like a camp theme night.


Every successful road trip needs to have great music, so we’ve got some Spotify playlists for you! Here’s a Spring Break Trip playlist with plenty of songs for everyone. Maybe you want to bust out some dance moves (while wearing your seatbelt, of course) with this Dance Party playlist. You can also bring that Pine Cove club to the car with this Worship Music playlist.


What’s a road trip without snacks? Check out this list of yummy, healthy snacks for your next road trip! Or if you’re feeling adventurous, try some of these fantastic DIY Snacks that are sure to keep everyone’s stomachs satisfied while on the road. If your car is full of passengers who have a sweet tooth, check out these Cookies and Cream Crispy Treats or Muddy Buddies!


There are plenty of ways for you to make your road trip extra fun by adding accessories to your car! Your car window is your canvas. Use some car window markers to create fun designs and messages, just like you would for the opening day of camp in the summer! Car decals are another fun way to add some personality to your vehicle. This Baby Yoda On Board decal is a great addition for Star Wars fans who are driving with a little one in the car. Pine Cove actually has its very own car decal that you can find here!

But don’t stop with just the outside of the car! The right accessories can keep you nice and cozy on the inside. Make sure your favorite pillow and blanket are on your packing list for that backseat nap. Slip into your favorite pair of fun socks to keep your feet nice and warm. Those seeking extreme levels of comfort may consider investing in a Comfy.


There’s nothing like a good game to pass the time in the car. This license plate game print out is great for those long cross country trips! Keep the whole family entertained for hours with these classic car games! See if you can find everything on your card in this printable car bingo game. We challenge you to solve these riddles and try to stump your fellow passengers!

Maybe you’ve always wanted a Pine Cove camp name, and a road trip might be the perfect time to finally get one! Here are some guidelines for the Name Game that we use when we give our staffers camp names!

Whatever your spring break plans are, we hope that you are able to find special quality time with those you love! Maybe that will look like a long road trip with your family. Maybe you will get to hang out with some really close friends on a group vacation. Or maybe you will get that much needed rest with a family staycation at home. 

Wherever you are, it is always our prayer that you are able to continue to grow in your relationships with others and with our Lord!

Posted Mar 4, 2020

Andrew Eshbaugh

Communication Intern

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