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Top 10 Christmas Camp Names!

by Karissa Pitaniello


Here at Pine Cove, we’re serious about fun and serious about celebrating the best holiday of the year: Christmas! To do that, our elves compiled 10 of the best Christmas-focused camp names to make your holiday even more merry and bright.

Top 10 Christmas Camp Names:

10. While waiting in line to meet Santa at the mall, this staffer escaped by jumping into the nearest pond!  Her grandma had to go in after her to chase her down. She also loves “Spongebob Squarepants,” which has a scene where SpongeBob says, “I am claustrophobic” and Patrick asks, “Isn’t that the fear of Santa Claus?” Which she had at the age of four… so Santa Claustrophobia was born!

9. This staffer loves watching Hallmark movies in his free time and was awarded the “Mr. Hoover Award” at Hoover High School. Introducing Mr. Hallmark!

8. After telling a story about her recurring nightmare of the abominable snowman from the movie “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” this redheaded staffer told a joke in which the punch line was “No-Eye-Deer.” Her name? Rudolph The Red No I-Deer, of course! 

7. She was hospitalized twice for eating bad mayo and only listened to Christmas music in middle school… Mayo Days Be Merry and Bright! 

6. This staffer is on track to be a dentist, and every year her family reads a book called, “A Cup of Christmas Tea,” thus A Cup of Christmas Teeth was born!

5. This staffer did her entire name game in an Australian accent and loves Christmas cookies. Introducing… Christmas Crikey!

4. This staffer would choose a hippo to ride into battle, he loves to sing, and would live Christmas Day over and over again if he could! He got named… I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas!

3. His favorite character from “The Office” is Dwight, he fell asleep on a date, and he loves Christmas! Put that all together and you get Twas the Dwight before Christmas!

2. This staffer put a Christmas tree in the communal dorm bathroom, decorated it, and sang Christmas carols around it! Name? Deck The Stalls! 

1. This staffer loves crafts so much that she even makes YouTube videos about it! Her Christmas craft video was played during her name game and so she was named… Craftin’ Around The Christmas Tree!

Have suggestions for a name that should be included in the top ten? Let us know!



Posted Dec 5, 2022

Karissa Pitaniello

Content Coordinator

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