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Two-Week Programs: Double the Impact

by Anna Birch

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What’s better than one week of camp? Well, TWO weeks of camp, of course! Several of our youth camps offer two-week programs for campers who want to stay a little longer. But why send your camper to a two-week program? Let us tell you… there are great benefits in the extra week!

We all know God can do incredible things in a week of camp. We’ve seen the transformation and the connections that are made. Counselors often say that by Friday, they really feel like they know their campers well! Now imagine if that was only halfway through! Getting to know them and having shared experiences during the first week can lead to an even deeper connection and deeper transformation the next week.


Hamilton “Dreamland” Bromhead, the Timbers Men’s Director, says this about their two-week program, Amplify: “Usually one week of camp is just enough time to get to know the campers and for them to open up and feel comfortable. We created Amplify to extend this time so that campers aren’t just introduced to the Gospel, but they are also being trained in it in a fun, safe, and engaging way!”

But isn’t it just going through another same exact week of camp? Hamilton says no, it’s an entirely different program! In fact, the Timbers revamped Amplify so that the first week of “A-FLY” is a normal, awesome week at the Timbers, and then the next week is full of extra fun (and sometimes surprise!) activities that the other one-week campers don’t get to experience.


“Camp is already an amazing experience, so A-FLY is one notch better!” Hamilton says.

Amplify campers get breakout sessions, off-site trips, a grill-out with the boat drivers, and more!

The Ridge Women’s Director, Nikki “Willy Wonky” Germenis, says that their two-week program, Elevate, is for campers who not only want to have double the fun, but who want to dive into God’s word more deeply and fully.


“Our heart is that Elevate campers would walk away from their two weeks with not only sweet friendships and meaningful conversations, but also a deeper insight into who Jesus Christ is, and how they can seek Him outside the walls of camp,” Nikki says. 

In the past, Elevate campers have gotten to experience special activities such as going to a nearby water park, serving at Silverado and Crier Creek, and a worship night at a local coffee shop.


The extra time of a two-week program not only allows for safe, exciting off-site activities, but also allows time for friendships to form between cabin mates that last for years. In fact, Nikki believes the friendships and bonds between campers in an Elevate cabin are even tighter than the ones formed during just one week of camp! 

The heart behind the two week programs is for campers to truly own their faith. Nikki explains, “By coming for an extra week, our hope is that we can foster an experience within their cabin, in extended breakout sessions, and in the programming, that allows them to see that life with Christ is not only fun, but worth pursuing, and tangible steps for this.”  

If you are looking for a way for your camper to get double the impact and double the fun experience of one awesome week at camp, you might want to consider signing up for one of our two-week programs—learn more here!

Posted Mar 10, 2020

Anna Birch

Former Staff

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