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Valentine-Themed Camp Names

by Karissa Pitaniello


Considering we worship the Creator of Love, there’s plenty to celebrate on Valentine’s Day! Get into the spirit of this lovely holiday by reading a roundup of all the camp name’s based around it. Comment below your favorite or even try to create your own! 

All About Cupid!
Cupid Truffle
Cupid Shuffle
Cupid Muffle
Cupid Buckle

Food = Love
I Love You Like Mac & Cheese
SomeHoney to Love
Microwave Loven
I Love You a Latte
Latte heart

Love Is An Action!
Love on Tour
STOP! In the Name of Love!
Flailing in love
Waterfallin’ in Love
Love at First Flight
Live Love Splash

February 14th!
Whale You Be My Valentine?
Mr. ValenTimes

Animal Love!
Love Sick Guppy
Love Bug
Puppy Love
Cows Go Moo Means I Love You
Labortootle Love

I Heart You!
Don’t Go Bacon My Heart
Shot to the Heart
Mac N Cheese to My Heart
Tanky Breaky Heart
Achy Takey Heart
Snakey Breaky Heart
Sweetheart Alajama
Mixed Martial Hearts
Suite Heart on Deck
Mr. Heart Sparkle
Careful, My Heart’s Electric!
My Heart Went Honk Honk

Posted Feb 7, 2023

Karissa Pitaniello

Content Coordinator

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