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We Love These Camp Names

by Chelsea Connor


Pine Cove has a lot of awesome traditions, but arguably the best is the Name Game. Nothing says “welcome to the culture” like getting up on stage in front of a hundred or so near-strangers and spilling your most embarrassing moments within a few days of arriving at camp!

Every staffer enters the Name Game a little differently. Some have been campers their whole lives, and they’ve dreamed of this day ever since they met their counselor at the Towers named Skittles. Some staff are brand-new to all things Pine Cove, and the cheers alone before that first dinner came as a shock. They thought their nickname of “Sport” from their dad as a kid was probably good enough as a camp name…

Well, it might be that simple. After all, if a staffer mentions an old email address name he made for himself growing up, and especially if said email happens to be embarrassing, it might just become a camp name. (Yung Swish was just too good!) Typically, it’s more of a mash-up of funny stories and random facts.

Here are some that made us laugh so far:

  1. Her party trick is being able to do a headstand, and she also can spell the alphabet backwards. Name: dnatsdeah (That would be “headstand” spelled backwards, and no, we don’t know how to pronounce it either.)
  2. He “hits the woah” a lot (a popular dance move), and he told a story about getting sick after eating meatloaf. Name: Woah is Meat.
  3. He told a story about asking a girl to prom covered in corn, but the corn didn’t stick very well. (We have so many questions.) Also, he goes to the University of Georgia. Name: Corn Dawg.
  4. She loves cacti, and her favorite thing to order at Fuego is an “I-Chee-Wawa.” Name: Ouchiwawa.
  5. She is not afraid to take big risks (giant ziplines, playing powderpuff with an injured ankle). She loves triscuits. When asked if her future spouse could be any kitchen utensil (not an unusual question these days), she answered “whisk.” Name: Whisk it for the Triscuit.

Here are a few other names we’ve seen this week that made us giggle:

  1. Teardrops on my Taco Bell
  2. Britain’z Not Talent
  3. Hollywood Spills
  4. Off the Grid
  5. Tree
  6. Baby Back Bibs
  7. Snow Kite and the Sunny Dwarfs
  8. Mission Impastable
  9. Barffalo Wild Wings
  10. Motown Toad
  11. Skunk Thunk
  12. Chopped Liver
  13. Cream Trees

We really love a good camp name story! In case you missed it, we compiled some of our favorite stories last summer too, and you can read those here.

Posted May 15, 2019

Chelsea Connor

Former Staff

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