Scenic view of trees at camp

“What I Miss About Camp”

by Pine Cove


Since summer is right around the corner, you might find yourself daydreaming about going off the blob, gazing at lakefront views, and laughing along to hilarious skits! We’re right there with you. Enjoy reading along to a journal entry written by one of our campers, Heidi Lantz, as she puts to words what makes each of us miss camp oh so much when we aren’t there! 

I wish that I was back under the pine trees, basking in the heat of the sun and breathing the smell of wood and lake water. I miss the browns and greens of trees and pine needles, the pine cones scattered across every surface of grass. I miss the bright green sports field and the towering soccer goals.

I miss the cool aquamarine of the pool, the blue and yellow stripes of the blob. I miss running around barefoot on the hot concrete after chattering cabinmates. I miss underwater handstand contests in the shallow end while avoiding the onslaught of water-basketball players. I miss jumping off the wooden rock walls into the deep end.

I miss the barn- the sound of horses huffing softly, the jangle of saddles and bridles, the distinct smell of alfalfa, leather, and the warm, musty smell of the horses. I miss climbing onto the back of a horse, feeling alive and on top of the world. I miss riding through open, wild-grown pastures and the clear green woods, taking in the sights and sounds of life and peace. I miss sliding out of the saddle and giving my steed one final pat.

I miss the lake- the cool, dark green water, smelling slightly of fish and seaweed and mud. I miss leaping into those waters from the dock, the wind racing me down to the water as I fall. I miss crouching in the warm, squishy mud of the shoreline to hunt for minnows and turtles. I miss pushing off from the grassy slope of the shoreline on a paddleboard and floating out to the lake’s center, sitting quietly as I glide effortlessly across the glassy water, the small waves slapping softly against the sides of the board.

But what I miss most of all are the people. How they serve without hesitation and with eagerness, how quick to please they are, and the graciousness they abound with. I miss driving up to the camp entrance and seeing them jump just as high for the last few campers as they did for the first. I miss getting to play competitive games and laugh with them as if we were old friends. I miss being able to be open with them, and I miss how understanding and knowledgeable they are. I miss getting to be able to talk about Jesus and the Gospel freely without feeling awkward or out of place. To me, it’s the people who make my memories so fond and joyful. The people are the reason I long to come back every single summer.

For me, the countdown has officially started, now that spring is finally here. Every single warm and sunny day that I get, I think of camp. I think of swimming and games and theme nights and cheers and club. I think about worship and prayer and Bible studies and devotionals.

Every time I think of camp, I think of home.

Posted May 2, 2023

Pine Cove

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