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Work Hard, Play Hard

by Chelsea Hays

Bowling Day

Here at Pine Cove, our full-time staff works really hard to provide the best camp experience for those that are on our property every week. But sometimes it’s good for us to get out the office and have a good time being in community with each other! With so many different working parts in our organization, it’s hard to spend time with everyone that is a part of this ministry. So we thought, “What’s the most fun thing we could do on a mid-week morning with the entire Pine Cove staff?” And naturally, our response was, “Bowling!!”

Now this wasn’t just any kind of bowling… we did it Pine Cove style, complete with the “ball of destiny,” a trophy for the highest scoring team, and of course crazy costumes!

The ball of destiny kept our staff on their toes as they bowled throughout the morning. If you were up to bowl, and your lane’s number got called by our crazy DJ, then you were presented with the “ball of destiny!” The destiny of this ball was whether or not you could win a Chick-fil-A gift card by knocking down any pins. Sounds easy, but some of our staff let the pressure get to the best of them! We handed out quite a few gift cards, which I’m sure will be used by the end of this week (we love Chick-fil-A)!

Bowling Day Costume

Our staff here at Pine Cove is very talented. But luckily, being a good bowler isn’t in any of our job descriptions (I’d be in BIG trouble if it was). However, we do have some top- notch bowlers! At this time, I would like to proudly introduce our new bowling champions as none other than our Pine Cove leadership, the Cadre!

Bowling Day Costume

There is nothing better than bowling in a bunny costume, am I right? So, we all dressed up in crazy costumes with our departments for a classic Pine Cove costume contest! I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Who do you think had the best costumes?

Posted Apr 26, 2013

Chelsea Hays

Former Staff

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