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Summer Recap 2021

by Kristen Murphy

Summer Recap 2021

“I learned to trust Jesus and the Lord. Before this week I had accepted the Lord but didn’t know how to really trust Him. I finally found out this week what it looks like to really trust Him and accept Him.”

— Outback camper


“Getting to connect with so many like minded people has been a real blessing for us. I can now see God’s perfect timing. It is people like you that we need to lift us up and hold us accountable. At this point in the week our low has turned into a high because of our experience this week at camp.”

— Chimney Point camper




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When Pine Cove City heads out on the road to bring day camp to churches across the Southeast, they all need a place to stay! Thankfully the churches we partner with are able to provide our staff with host homes—families who open their doors and invite Pine Cove summer staffers to stay with them for the week. We love it, and we’re grateful they do too!



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Posted Aug 13, 2021

Kristen Murphy

Digital Brand Experience Manager

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