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Camp in the City at Mobberly Baptist

by Jordy Barksdale

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Pine Cove has the unique opportunity to partner with local churches through our day camp program called Camp in the City. Not only do we travel to 7 states, but we also have locations in close proximity to our headquarters in East Texas.

One the churches we are privileged to do ministry with is Mobberly Baptist Church, located just east of Tyler in Longview, Texas.

At Mobberly, the basis for service is founded on proclaiming Jesus Christ and making Him known. This mission is the groundwork for the outreach they do to declare the Glory of God to their community and across the world. From the start of the church back in 1938 to now, the Lord has proven himself faithful in blessing this church immensely.


After visiting Mobberly this past summer, there are a few things about it that stand out to us:

  1. To begin, Pastor Glynn Stone is a refreshing, bold proclaimer of the gospel. He teaches scripture as one who confidently believes in the power of God.
  2. Analisa Hood, the Minister to Children, is passionate about kids hearing and understanding the love of God. She has designed this in a culture that is fun and inviting.
  3. It was also evident to us that the staff at Mobberly does things with excellence. Across the board, details are looked at and programs are run well. Overall, the people of Mobberly were just awesome!

One of our summer staffers from last year, Courtney “Mellow Hushroom” Dukes, commented on her interaction with Mobberly:

“From the moment that our staff stepped foot in Longview, it was obvious that Mobberly embodied the rich presence of our Savior. The community of Mobberly invited us with warm welcomes and open arms. From the staff of Analisa and Mindy, to the incredible facilities, to the supportive and prayerful host mom that woke up every morning at 5 am to pray for us, Mobberly truly invested in us as a Pine Cove staff, forever creating a memorable and treasured experience.”


Not only did we enjoy working with Analisa, Minister to Children, and the rest of the Mobberly staff, but they also had some encouraging things to say about us. In a letter written to our staff, Analisa explained,

“Kids were actively engaged because of your willingness to listen to them, interact with them, and share God’s truths openly with them. Your energy and enthusiasm motivated the kids to be fully involved in participating and learning. You energized our campus and our entire staff.”

We believe in the mission of Mobberly Baptist Church and are excited about what the Lord is doing in Longview. There are many great churches in and around the area, but if you are looking for a church home – give it a try or join us there this summer!

More Fun Photos from Camp at Mobberly!

Camper about to climb the rock wall at Camp in the City.

Girl cabin mates smile with the spirit stick they won at Mobberly Camp in the City.

Mom drops off daughter at Camp in the City.

Posted Jan 28, 2014

Jordy Barksdale

Former Staff

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