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More New Pine Cove Gear 2021

by Valerie MorbyPosted Jun 29, 2021


If you haven’t had a chance to check out our camp store yet this summer, you’re in luck! We’ve rounded up more of our favorite new Pine Cove merch that we know you’re going to love. From neon pens to tie dye tees, we’ve got plenty of serious fun coming your way, so grab a […]

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Amplifying the Message of God’s Love

by Mattie StewartPosted Jun 22, 2021


“He was just 100% totally different. And he was astonished by that. He has discovered confidence in who he was by trusting the Lord and allowing Him to take his burdens.” Hudson appeared confident in his faith as he began his two-week Amplify session at the Timbers. Soon, however, his counselor Nick “Baron Von Stuby” […]

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Keeping Boat Driver Traditions Afloat

by Jenny LayPosted Jun 22, 2021


Even in Pine Cove’s earliest years, lakes served as a hub of activity. Sun-soaked, water-logged, laughter-filled memories have been made for more than 50 years — from the small lake at Pine Cove’s original camp in the late sixties to, in more recent years, Lake Hartwell at Chimney Point in Pine Cove’s Southeast region… and […]

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An Open Door

by Jenny SowersPosted Jun 15, 2021


“It truly is my dream job and I was able to get this position way ahead of the game. It was the complete opening of a door that didn’t make sense,” Kayla shares as she reflects on her experience of getting hired as a practicum student at the HOPE Child and Family Center of Texas. […]

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Pine Cove City: On the Road Again!

by Valerie MorbyPosted Jun 15, 2021

Two City campers smile with their counselor in front of a giant inflatable water slide

After a summer 2020 hiatus, Pine Cove City is BACK! Summer’s only just begun, but we’ve already taken day camp to over 25 different churches! The Lord is clearly at work, and we’ve heard many incredible stories from our teams on the road. We’ve already been so blessed by our campers and church partners. Check […]

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New 2021 Camp Names We Love

by Valerie MorbyPosted Jun 1, 2021


Summer 2021 started off with a bang when our summer staffers started showing up and showing OFF with some hilariously creative new camp names! We rounded up a few of the most standout, brand-new names hot off the presses. Take a look and try to decide which one’s your favorite—who knows, you could end up […]

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Staff Training Week Recap 2021

by Valerie MorbyPosted May 25, 2021


We’re always excited to see our summer staffers return to camp—but especially this year! Suddenly camp is full again, people are getting named, new staffers are learning cheers, and everyone’s doing their best to stay dry (thank you, Spring rainstorms!). But the main reason they’re here? To get trained! Our first group of staffers to […]

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How You Can Pray for Pine Cove

by Valerie MorbyPosted May 18, 2021


As we get ready to open the gates and welcome campers for our 54th summer, there is much to be thankful for—and also a ton to pray for! We invite you to join us in covering Pine Cove, our campers, and our staff in prayer as we embark on another summer of being used by […]

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New City Staff

by Miranda LehmanPosted May 5, 2021

Summer 2021 is right around the corner, so it’s time to do some staff introductions! Most of these staffers are new to the full-time Pine Cove team, but you may see some familiar faces in new roles below. Read more about what roles they’re stepping into and what they’re excited for this summer. Sam “Bus” […]

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Motherhood is Worth It

by Kelcie HuffsticklerPosted May 3, 2021


Recently during my quiet time with the Lord, I was having a bona fide pity party. Please tell me you’ve been there? I was telling God all the ways my life was hard and how exhausted I was from dealing with it. I told Him that keeping a marriage intact felt like more work than […]

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