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Staff Orientation Recap

by Chelsea ConnorPosted May 23, 2018


After months of searching and praying for this year’s summer staff, they are all finally here! Orientation officially kicked off last Friday, and then over the weekend each region met together for training sessions. We had big sessions happening in a beautiful events hall in Round Top, not too far from our Central Texas camps, […]

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How to Spot a Pine Cove Staffer in the Wild

by Mikaleh OffermanPosted May 23, 2018


Outside of their natural habitat (camp), it can seem daunting to try to identify a Pine Cove staffer. You may be asking yourself, “Self, why do I need to identify Pine Cove staffers in the wild?” Well, Self, perhaps you’re interested in learning more about Pine Cove, or you’re curious about the way staffers act […]

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Our Favorite Camp Names From 2018 (So Far!)

by Chelsea ConnorPosted May 16, 2018


For anyone who has ever been on Pine Cove staff, even thinking about the classic “Name Game Song” will bring up a familiar feeling of excitement, anticipation, and creative juices flowing. It’s a feeling that never quite goes away. We like to call it serious fun. The Name Game started this week at Training Week, […]

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It’s Training Week!

by Chelsea ConnorPosted May 16, 2018


We’re still a few weeks away from the official start of summer camp, but that doesn’t mean camp is empty! In fact, all of our camps are currently in the midst of a very busy week of staff training! This is a very important week where all of our wranglers, lifeguards, media staff, and more […]

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Jeri Snodgrass and “Grand Week”

by Zach BalcombPosted Apr 26, 2018


“Well, somebody must’ve been hungry!” Hearing these words, I turn around to see a kind-eyed grandmother chuckling in amusement. She’s referring to the large pile of ice cream, marshmallows, and cool whip I had just made for myself. I suppose it was a bit much. Quickly swallowing my spoonful of ice cream–and embarrassment–I smile to […]

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Camp in the City Bible Study Preview

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Apr 26, 2018


Our Camp in the City staff love to talk about how their summer is one big road trip, where they get to travel all around the country, put on a week of camp, and then pack up and do it all over again. It’s a blast! So when they were coming up with the daily […]

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Funny Camper Mail

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Apr 25, 2018

We love the CampLife app. Like, we really, really love it. The photo galleries are amazing and the counselor bios are awesome, but arguably our favorite part is the letter-writing feature for overnight youth campers. When parents get to write their camper a letter, and receive one back before the week is over, it’s such […]

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Birthday Celebrations at Pine Cove

by Kathryn ShoafPosted Apr 16, 2018


“Aaaaaaah! You’re never going to believe what just happened!” Startled by yelling voices, you look up to see two strange characters on stage in ridiculous outfits. Several people around you stand to their feet and shout, “What happened?” While using one hand to keep obnoxious wigs on their heads and the other hand to hold […]

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Youth Camp Bible Study Preview

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Apr 16, 2018


One of our favorite parts of the day at overnight youth camp is cabin Bible study time. The time of day this happens varies from camp to camp, but the idea remains consistent. Every camper gets a Bible study booklet written by camp staff, and the cabin discusses the day’s passage and group questions together. […]

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Leadership Weekend

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Apr 11, 2018


If you’ve ever dropped your kids off at camp, or if you’ve stayed at family camp, you know it takes a lot of staff to make camp happen with excellence every summer. Besides the directors, all those college students might look the same, but some do more behind-the-scenes work than others. Every camp has a […]

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