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Staff Profile: Caleb “Wheelin N Dealin” Carter

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Apr 22, 2019


Caleb “Wheelin N Dealin” Carter is the new camp director at the Ranch in East Texas, and we are thrilled to have him back at Pine Cove! He has been in his fair share of skits from his summer staff days (this one is an all-time favorite), and everyone at the Ranch will be blessed […]

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Burnt Bacon and the Love of God

by Craig LangemeierPosted Apr 16, 2019


A few weeks ago my youngest son grabbed my phone and captured this picture as the morning sun was shining through our front door window. It was one of those beautiful bright mornings, and the shining sun seemed like it was bursting into our home. We stopped to soak it in and to appreciate the […]

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Easter Family Resources

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Apr 16, 2019


It’s important for kids to be able to have concrete ways to visualize and learn the concept of Easter. With that in mind, we rounded up a few simple resources to help share the story of Easter with your family this weekend! There’s something to watch, something to bake, a story to tell through objects, […]

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Leadership Weekend 2019

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Apr 8, 2019


Here’s a peek behind the scenes: every camp and Camp in the City team has a group of leadership staffers who make things happen at camp. They have worked at least one summer (some have worked five!), and they have extra responsibilities during the summer. These are the head boat-drivers, the program directors, the senior […]

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2019 Youth Camp Bible Study Preview

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Apr 2, 2019


Summer is inching closer, and while we can’t wait for the big splash competitions in the pool, getting to wear our awesome theme night costumes, and seeing the crazy skits at lunch, one of our favorite parts of camp is cabin Bible study time! It’s a unique time for campers to sit with their counselor […]

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Stories from the 2019 Forge Israel Trip

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Mar 26, 2019


Every March, the students in Pine Cove’s eight-month discipleship program (The Forge) take a study trip to Israel. It’s definitely one of the highlights of the year, and they always take a few non-Forge students with them too. It’s much more than a sightseeing trip; each historic site is met with in-depth teaching. The Scriptures […]

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Staff Alumni Making Connections

by Elizabeth MoorePosted Mar 26, 2019


Searching for a job takes tenacity and patience–plus a healthy dose of flexibility and saying yes to the unexpected. Mason “Adequaker Oatmeal” Sims, a longtime Pine Cove staffer and Forge graduate, was in this position less than a year ago. From 2009-2014, Mason worked at the Ranch, Bluffs, and Camp in the City and graduated […]

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2019 Camper Bands

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Mar 20, 2019

Pine Cove is unique in many ways, but here’s something that really sets us apart: the awesome CampLife app and the camper bands that go with it! Giving out bands is a Sunday night staple around here. Ready to see this year’s bands? They feature a brand-new design, and are now seamless all the way […]

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Stories from the Camp Nurse: Angela Wilke

by Chelsea ConnorPosted Mar 18, 2019


In honor of our camp nurses, we wanted to share a few of their stories with you! The first nurse we are featuring, Angela “McGruff” Wilke, has a deep history with Pine Cove. She grew up as a camper, became a summer staffer when she was in college, sends her sons to youth camp, and […]

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Staff Profile: Dexter “Pika Poo” Carter

by Evan RobertsPosted Mar 5, 2019


How did you end up at Pine Cove? What is your current position? Growing up, I didn’t know much about camping. I didn’t know anything about Christian camp. I got saved my freshman year of college, and then got the chance to do work crew for a week at the Outback. After that, I applied […]

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