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Here Am I: Send Me

by Valerie Morby


How the Springs Assembled its Inaugural Summer Team You can’t open a summer camp without a few invaluable ingredients. A large enough property, for one. The buildings that will feed, house, and entertain your campers, for another. But most importantly—especially if your constant refrain is “Our Staff Is Our Program”—you need the counselors, health assistants, […]

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Echoes of Grace

by Sarah Jane Souther


Kelsey was unsure of what to expect as she prepared to meet her Amplify campers in the summer of 2015. Two weeks with a cabin full of thirteen to fourteen year old girls was going to be a high-energy adventure. But she never could have anticipated the work of grace that God would do through […]

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A Sticky Note Prayer

by Jenny Sowers Rutland


“It was so clear that God was implementing every single detail and answering every little prayer,” Mallory recalls as she tells her story of seeing God’s faithfulness at camp. “And during weeks one through nine, there were times of doubt, but I was still in continual prayer without even realizing it. All throughout those nine […]

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Rise and Be Baptized

by Valerie Morby


Jack “PC Talk” Nelson accepted Christ into his life when he was six years old. Thirteen years later, he said yes to baptism.  Growing up in the church, Jack had no shortage of Christian role models surrounding him—including his youth pastor, a close family friend. And in his church, baptisms were a big deal. Somehow, […]

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A Story Only God Could Write: How Pine Cove Came to Georgia

by Valerie Morby


Theirs was the only car on the highway.  It was the winter of 2010, and Pine Cove President & CEO Reed “S.I.” Livesay and then Executive Director of Ministries Kevin “Opee” East were in Georgia, on the hunt for land for a new Pine Cove camp. Somehow they had missed that an ice storm was […]

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A Return to Family Camp 40 Years Later

by Michaela Drewry


Pine Cove loves seeing families come back every year and have their kids grow up at camp. But for the Lamar family, their kids’ first experience of camp was in kindergarten—and their second experience was four decades later! Charles Jr. and Mary Ellen Lamar brought their two sons, Charles III and Michael, to the Pine […]

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From Campers to Staffers to Roommates

by Michaela Drewry


When Christen Sharpe first arrived at Pine Cove to drop off her 12-year-old daughter, Ellis, at the Ranch in 2013, she was apprehensive and filled with anxiety for her daughter, convinced Ellis was going to be lonely. “Ellis had friends in her cabin the last two years at the Towers, Pine Cove’s elementary-age camp, but […]

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Kai’s Story: The God Who Sees

by Katelyn Sullins


The very first instance in Scripture of a human being declaring a name over God is in Genesis 16, when Hagar calls God “El Roi,” which means “the God who sees.” It is not surprising, the significance that being seen holds in our lives now. For Hagar, being seen meant she was not alone in […]

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Friends at Camp—And Beyond

by Anna Birch


Camp is often the launching pad for deep, long-term friendships. Let’s face it: even though we all have good intentions of keeping up with our camp besties throughout the year, it’s easier said than done! But a group of Impact campers and counselors from Chimney Point have shown that it’s possible to follow through on […]

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Ripple Effect: How Radical Generosity Changed the Course of One Family’s Life

by Elizabeth Moore


In the small community of Mount Vernon, Texas, Keith Williams grew up with one stoplight and a tumultuous childhood. “My family life was wheels off,” Keith says. “My dad was on the wrong side of everything—guns, violence, drugs, the whole bit.” When he was in eighth grade, Keith’s dad got into a physical altercation with […]

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